Disposable Tattoo Needles

The sharpness of the needle will affect the color rendering, with the same color in terms of size, the smaller the tip of the needle, needle point, every point penetrate less pigment, gathered showing the lighter color texture, with a very slight the force will be able to penetrate the skin or scratching the skin,on the contrary, blunt needle, needle point large, pigments penetrate more, gathered showing color texture will be heavier, but blunt needle must have a certain degree of force to penetrate, will not easily scratch hurt the skin, but in the fog Shique pin point stab too much concern, as poor control will have blotchy uneven phenomenon. We know that the sharpness of the needles have this effect, we can infer the use of methods to "shallow fog" theory, relatively sharp needle with a small pin-point advantage, as long as we avoid it easy to make the deletion, naturally shallow stab a beautiful mist, a slight force can penetrate the skin deep, we wanted a way to make it difficult to penetrate too deep. And with a blunt needle, there are not easy to penetrate the advantage, we have to avoid the needle point large amount of sense. Thus by the sharpness of the needle to begin Lenovo, you can infer, the amount and the number of different thickness of the needle arrangement, the effect of the thrusts presented will be different, then we have an existing tattoo technique, the needle different types to be analyzed.

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