Physical pain and lack of blood massage chair can not be alleviated

In recent years, in some shopping malls in Beijing, massage chairs with prices ranging from several thousand to over ten thousand yuan have become a healthy new fashion, attracting some old people to try, and many filial children have also bought this product for the elderly. Experts pointed out that the reason for the elderly's physical pain is often lack of blood, the key to treatment is to replenish blood and use a massage chair is very poor.

Many elderly people are prone to fatigue, or have low back pain and other issues, and a variety of massage relaxation equipment favored by the old people. However, Li Jian, director of the Traditional Medicine Department of the Center for Treatment of Not-Medical Centers of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital pointed out that many elderly people have different degrees of osteoporosis. If they are blindly receiving external treatment such as massage chairs or excessive external force, they may cause physical injury. , not worth the candle.

In addition, many elderly people have the problem of lack of blood, because the meridians are unreasonable and pain occurs in various parts of the body (such as limbs, shoulders, waist, and back). The key to this type of problem lies in conditioning the body, replenishing qi and blood, and using massage chairs to massage poorly. For young people with stagnating blood stasis, the massage chair still has a certain role in clearing the meridians. Some massage devices that have the function of promoting blood circulation and dredging the meridians are often better for trauma and soft tissue contusions.

Li Jian pointed out that because of the pain caused by insufficient blood in the body, the elderly must strengthen the spleen and stomach, supplement qi and blood, and the spleen and stomach should be healthy and the qi and blood full of pain naturally disappear. The key to replenishing blood is diet, eat yam, lotus seeds, glutinous rice, jujube and other foods. You can also use pork, beef, mutton, and sea cucumbers.

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