The working principle, application and characteristics of 3D mixer

A three-dimensional mixer is a machine that uniformly mixes two or more materials by mechanical force, gravity, or the like. Hybrid machines are widely used in various industries and daily life. The three-dimensional mixer can mix a variety of materials into a homogeneous mixture, such as mixing cement, sand, gravel and water into concrete wet materials; it can also increase the contact surface area of ​​the material to promote chemical reactions; it can also accelerate physical changes, such as The granular solute is added to the solvent, and the dissolution and mixing can be accelerated by the action of the mixing machine. Commonly used three-dimensional mixers are divided into four categories: gas and low viscosity liquid mixers, medium and high viscosity liquid and paste mixing machines, thermoplastic material mixers, and powdered and granular solid materials mixing machines.

First, the application of three-dimensional mixer

Transmission system, electrical control system, multi-directional transport mechanism. When the flow rate of the liquid caused by the agitation is high, shear occurs at the interface between the high-speed liquid stream and the surrounding low-speed liquid stream, thereby generating a large number of local vortices. These vortices rapidly spread around, and more liquid is drawn into the vortex. The turbulent convection diffusion formed in a small range is called eddy diffusion. Because the mixing barrel has multi-directional movement, the material in the barrel has more cross-mixing points, and the mixing effect is high. The uniformity can reach 99.9% or more and the maximum loading coefficient can reach 0.9 (0.4 to 0.6 for ordinary mixers). The mixing time is short and the efficiency is high. The three-dimensional mixer has a unique design of the mixing barrel body, and the inner wall of the barrel is finely polished, has no dead angle, no contaminant material, convenient discharging, easy to clean and simple operation.

Second, the working principle of three-dimensional mixer

All materials involved in the mixing are required to be evenly distributed during mixing. The degree of mixing is divided into three states: ideal mixing, random mixing, and completely unmixed. The degree of mixing of the various materials in the mixing machine depends on factors such as the proportion of the material to be mixed, the physical state and characteristics, and the type of mixing machine used and the duration of the mixing operation. The mixing of the liquid mainly relies on a mechanical agitator, a gas stream and a jet of the liquid to be mixed, etc., so that the material to be mixed is agitated to achieve uniform mixing. The agitation causes a portion of the liquid to flow, which in turn pushes the liquid around it, with the result that a circulating liquid flow is formed within the solution, and the resulting diffusion between the liquids is referred to as bulk convection diffusion.

Third, the characteristics of three-dimensional mixer

The convection diffusion and eddy current diffusion caused by stirring increase the surface area of ​​molecular diffusion between different liquids and reduce the diffusion distance, thereby shortening the time of molecular diffusion. If the viscosity of the liquid to be mixed is not high, it can be brought to a random mixing state within a short stirring time; if the viscosity is high, a longer mixing time is required. For liquids of different density, composition, and incompatibility, the shearing action caused by the agitation and the strong turbulence shred the dense liquid into small droplets and uniformly disperse it into the main liquid. The flow rate of the liquid produced by the agitation must be greater than the settling velocity of the droplets. Working principle Three-dimensional mixer is in operation, because the mixing barrel has multi-directional operation, so that various materials can accelerate the flow and diffusion during the mixing process, and avoid the segregation of the specific gravity of the material caused by the centrifugal force of the general mixer. And the phenomenon of accumulation, mixing without dead angle, can effectively ensure the best quality of the mixture.

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