Top Selling 3D Color Doppler Ispark 380 with Ce ISO FDA

  • Model NO.: iSpark 380
  • Certification: CE, ISO13485
  • 3.5 MHz Multi-Frequency: Convex Probe
  • Probe Application: Multi-Frequency, Multi-Technology
  • Specification: ISO; CE
  • Type: Ultrasound Scanner
  • 3D: Standard Package
  • Probe Types: Convex, Linear, Annular Sector, Pencil
  • Trademark: ANJUE
  • Origin: China
Color Doppler AJ-6220

General Description
Scanning Techniques
Electronic linear scanning/Convex scanning/Annular array sector scanning/Doppler pencil probe

Scan mode
2D(B mode), TM(M mode), PW, CW. CFM

Display mode
Single frame B/Dual-frame B/Quad-frame B

282 2D images, 128 color images

Gray Scale/Color Shade
256 white-black gray scale, 128 color shade

3D reconstruction technology: Provide most practical 3D reconstruction software packing
Digital image file management and network communication system

80G main unit hard-disk, disk and CD memory, USB connector, DICOM output and input
Ultrasound workstation

Probes for abdomen, cardiology, small parts, perivascular, galactophore, paediatric, muscle cadre, endocavitary(vaginal, rectum), transcranial
Probe characteristic: Exceed wide frequency band(1.5-18MHz) multi-frequency
Probe types: Convex, Linear, Annular sector, Pencil
Probe application: Multi-frequency, multi-technology(M. M. T)

Standard Configuration
Digital Color Doppler Platform
3.5 MHz Multi-frequency Convex probe
3D Standard Package
17" High Resolution Medical LED Color Monitor
7" Touch Screen Navigation System
3 probe connectors
Cine Loop
Image Storage
DICOM 3.0 Hard disk 160G USB ports Video printer

7.5 MHz Multi-frequency Linear Probe
6.5 MHz Multi-frequency Trans-vaginal Probe
Rectal Probe
3.5MHz Cardiac Probe
DVD Writer

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