High-oil corn planting technology

The oil content of common corn kernels is usually 4% to 5%, while the grain corn with a grain content that is more than 50% higher than normal corn is called high-oil corn. It is a new kind of corn created by artificial breeding.

At present, high-oil corn varieties suitable for high-yield development and cultivation in China include Gaoyou No.1, Gaoyou No.6 and Gaoyou No.115, which were bred by China Agricultural University. High-oil corn can be grown adjacent to normal corn without isolation. High-oil corn receives the pollen of ordinary corn and is strong, and its seed oil content is reduced very little. High oil corn has a long growing period. If the grouting is low in the middle and later stages, it will affect its normal maturation. Therefore, it must be sown early. Wheat stubble corn can be interplanted or transplanted to increase the accumulated temperature during growth. Due to the high oil corn plant height, planting density should not be too high, generally 52500 ~ 67500 strains per hectare.

High-oil corn was sensitive to N, P, and K fertilizers. After applying N, P, and K fertilizers, the root system of high-oil corn was developed, the number of roots and roots increased, and the plant and ear position increased, and the growth potential was enhanced. The combined application of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium had a significant effect on increasing grain weight, embryo weight, and increasing oil content of seeds.

The amount of fertilizer applied to high-oil corn is generally 300 to 375 kg of nitrogen per hectare, 120 to 150 kg of phosphorus pentoxide and 75 to 120 kg of potassium oxide. The specific fertilization method is based on the principle of "one catch and two catches", that is, 15,000 to 30,000 kilograms of organic fertilizer, 120 to 150 kilograms of phosphorus pentoxide, 75 to 120 kilograms of potassium oxide, and 120 to 150 kilograms of nitrogen per hectare of base fertilizer. 15 to 30 kilograms. Fertilizer seedlings applied 30-45 kg of nitrogen per hectare as partial fertilizer, focusing on promoting the growth of weak seedlings; heavy panicle fertilizer was applied 5-7 days after jointing and 150-180 kg of nitrogen was applied per hectare. If it is difficult to apply intercropping corn to basal fertility, the basal fertilizer can be changed to seed and seedling fertilizers, but organic fertilizer, phosphorus, potassium and zinc must be applied before the jointing of corn. Late application will affect fertilizer efficiency.

During the high-oil maize season, 450ml of maize can be applied per hectare, which can reduce plant height by 30-50cm and enhance lodging resistance. However, the spray should be uniform and cannot be re-sprayed or missed. High-oil corn is vulnerable to corn borer and special attention must be paid to prevention and control. In addition, high-oil corn is susceptible to mildew and insect pests during storage. Attention should be paid to drying moisture, removing impurities, and preventing mold and pests.

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