Litchi centralized listing prices fell by 10% a week

In summer, eating lychee is the time. The reporter learned yesterday from the Xinfadi Market that due to the large number of southern litchis, the price of litchi fell by about 10% within a week.

According to reports, due to low temperatures and other reasons, fruit varieties such as litchi and bayberry have all been delayed for about 20 days. The reporter learned yesterday from the Xinfadi Market Statistics Department that the current sales of lychees on the Jingcheng Market are mainly based in Guangdong, mainly including the common varieties of dumplings, black leaf, and jade purse. The wholesale prices are 4-5 yuan/kg and 2.5 to 2.7 yuan/kg respectively. Yuan, about 2.5 to 3.0 yuan.

Due to the large amount of litchi concentrated on the market, prices fell by around 10% in the past week. At present, Guangxi Litchi belongs to the initial stage of its listing and its main sales varieties are black leaves, safflower, and wolfberry. It is expected that the amount of listed Lizhi in Guangxi will increase in mid-July.

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