Should the fermentation bed be disinfected?

Whether or not the fermentation bed can be sterilized has always been a concern for farmers. Everyone will naturally think that disinfection will kill the functional bacteria, so the fermentation bed housing cannot be disinfected. In most of the fermentation bed technical data, it is also mentioned that the fermentation mattress material cannot be disinfected. However, according to the practical results of several years of application of the technique of raising pigs and raising chickens in the Kangxin dry-leaf-fermentation bed of Beijing Yongjiaye Technology Co., Ltd., this idea is not in line with the actual situation. In other words, in the fermentation bed, especially on the Kangxin dry-type fermentation bed, sterilization can be done completely without affecting the fermentation function of the fermentation bed.
The reason why the general disinfection has no obvious effect on fermentation is because the dose of the disinfectant is too small relative to the amount of litter, and the litter itself has a strong adsorption effect, making the disinfectant difficult to diffuse and penetrate. The chemical effect of the litter and the biochemical action of the fermentation process have a faster degradation effect on the disinfectant. There is no need to sterilize the pigs in the fermentation bed. Because fermented functional bacteria account for absolute advantage on fermented mattress materials, there is almost no living space for pathogenic microorganisms. That is, the fermentation bed itself has a disinfecting effect.

For fattening pigs reared on a fermentation bed, the main purpose of disinfection is to prevent the introduction of highly contagious and pathogenic diseases such as swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, swine flu, and epidemic diarrhea. The elimination of conditional pathogenic microorganisms is not effective. It is necessary.

The focus of the disinfection of pig farms is on the links with the outside world, such as people, vehicles and gates. Reliance on disinfecting drugs to control the spread of pathogens in a pen is almost futile.

Disinfection should be strengthened when there is an outbreak threatened around, but there is no need for frequent disinfection during most of the time without the threat of an outbreak.

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