Affect the external factors of fish reproduction

Fish is a hypothermic animal, and its reproductive activity is not only restricted by hormones in the receptor but also by the combined effects of external factors including nutrients, temperature, light, and water flow.
First, nutrient substances In the process of gonadal development, the ovary gains about 20% of the fish's body weight. Therefore, it is necessary to ingest adequate nutrients from the outside world, especially protein and fat, in order to provide a large amount of yolk to be accumulated during egg growth. . Full quality food is the basic condition for fish fattening and gonadal development. Therefore, attention should be paid to the cultivation of broodstock in summer and autumn. Provides raw material for the growing oocytes. In spring, the brood ovary enters a period of rapid growth and must be intensively bred to feed a protein-rich feed. However, if only the rich feed is given and other living conditions are neglected, the broodstock can grow very fat and the gonadal development is inhibited, which is not conducive to reproduction.
Second, temperature and temperature have a significant effect on the development and maturation of fish gonadal. Since the accumulated temperature of the same fish to reach the gonad maturation phase is basically the same, the broodstock raised in warm water or hot water in the south of China can continue to lay eggs as long as the water temperature is high and the gonadal development is mature. Temperature is also important for fish reproduction because it is the temperature threshold for fish spawning. The temperature at which each fish starts spawning in a certain area is constant, and below this temperature it is impossible to lay eggs. For example, the temperature of spawning fish in the Yangtze River basin is 18°C. The fish that are spawning experience a sudden drop in water temperature and often stop production. Therefore, when the artificial breeding of domestic fish, we must pay special attention to the weather changes, oxytocin for a few days to maintain the appropriate temperature, it may be possible to make spawning, hatching success.
Third, the length of light illumination time and the development and maturation of the fish gonadal, light stimulates the visual organs of fish through the central nervous system, causing the secretion of pituitary activity, thus affecting the development of gonads. The reproductive cycle of fish is largely regulated by the length of the light. In the spring, spawning fish, as long as the light period, can promote the development of gonads, so that broodstock early maturation and spawning, and in autumn and winter fish spawning, need to shorten the light period in order to promote gonadal development and early egg production.
Fourth, the flow of water for certain fish gonad development and maturation is particularly important. In addition to stimulating effects on broodstock, water also increases dissolved oxygen in water. The natural spawning grounds for home fish in rivers are often spawned during the spawning season. Due to the heavy rain, the water level rises sharply and the water flow becomes turbulent. After a few hours of broodstock, the transition from stage IV ovary to stage V ovary can be achieved immediately. egg. Lateral organs of fish were stimulated by flowing water, and the central nervous system resulted in the synthesis and release of the hypothalamus LRH, which triggered the pituitary gland to secrete GTH, and then induced them to lay eggs.

Dried Goij berry

We offer a full range of Dried Goji berry product, such as Organic Goji berry, Low pesticide Goji berry, Conventional Goji berry. All of our Goji berry type are available with destination market, and Goji berry size from 180~1000 grains/50g to meet customer`s sales market demand


Quick Details-Description of Dried Goji berry

Size:180/220/250/280/350/380/500/550/580/600/700/800/900/1000 grains/50g

Style: Dried

Type: Medlar

Taste: Sweet

Shape: Oval

Drying Process: AD

Cultivation Type: Common, Organic, Open Air

Packaging: bulk packing 5 kg/aluminum foil bag, or 250g/500g/1kg small aluminum foil bag as per customer request

Net Weight(kg) : 20kg

Gross Weight(kg) : 21.5kg

Carton size : 51x37x29cm

Max. Moisture(%): 13%

Certificate: Organic Certificate , Eurofins Certificate, SGS Certificate

Shelf Life : 18 months

Place of Origin : Ningixa,China(Mainland)

Brand Name: Yishaotang

Model Number: BSHX-XXX

Name: Dried Goji berry

Product Name: Ningxia Goji berry

Grade: A grade

Method Of Use: Medicinal, edible and healthy value

Storage: Dried and cool place, Ventilation, Moisture proof

Color: Thick Red

Export packing: 20kg/Carton

MOQ: 1000kg

Payment: T/T, Western Union, L/C, D/P

Delivery: 15 working days after down payment (deposit)

Departure Port: Tianjin/Qingdao 

Loading: 11.5 Tons/1*20GP container



Q: How about payment terms?

A: 30% TT deposit+70% TT before shipment, 30% TT deposit+70% TT balance against scanned Copy B/L, Flexible payment can be negotiated.

Q: Do you have some videos where we can see the goji berry plant

A: Yes, we can provide some videos for reference

Q: Production and deliver

A: After deposit, goji berry order enter into 1st stage( production, packaging, factory inspect, etc), then 2nd stage is CIQ inspection and written CIQ Certificate lead time one week(7 days), 3rd stage we arrenge cargo shipment to departure port. Vessel lead time as per destination port in different countries( Such as North America line, South America Line,  EMP, Asia, Australia, etc )


Dried Goji Berries

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