Dragon line world: mosaic unique charm blue orchid (Figure)

Orchid orchid family is a species of orchids with excellent quality, lotus petals orchid family flower is even more outstanding, won many sought after and loved by blue circles. Breeding and cultivation of the new mother-of-female flower seedlings from Dali City's Lanyou Li Jianzuo--the dragon's world, with its beautiful leaves, graceful dragons, strange patterns, strange and odd animals, and easy-to-plant, etc. The advantages are undoubtedly one of the rare orchids in the series of mother petals of orchid petal orchids, one of the outstanding orchid species with high ornamental value and broad market development prospects.

The Dragon World is native to the immeasurable mountains of western Yunnan Province. The orchid was cultivated exclusively by Li Jian Zuoyou of Dali City in early 2005. In the past two years, the dragon has grown in a good manner, has become young, charming, and charming. It has attracted a lot of friends to come and see the beauty of the blue. Longxing Tianxia is a petal of the orchid petal, which is a twisted, leaf-shaped spiral, with a tip and a crystal. The leaf buds are spiral and have a crystal. The leaves are 6-8, the leaves are 20-30 inches long, and the width is 0.5- 0.7?, which is a thick type and has a leaf thickness that is more than one times that of ordinary orchids. Each arrowhead has a small size of the mother-of-a-kind flower. The large flower is multi-petal, sometimes the petals are split into two with water flaps, and the petals reach 10-15; the florets have 3-5 flowers that can normally bloom. This flower is characterized by a crystal emulsification on the flower stem, full arrowhead flowers, flowering petals, patchwork, mother flowers, and daughter flowers in full bloom, very beautiful, smell mellow. Amazingly colorful orchid world, wonderfully flowering gentleman.

Dragon World is a diversified lotus orchid orchid products, dragon-shaped leaves twisting beautiful, leaf sign strange and obvious, no flowers can be valve recognition, for its market circulation provides a security sign. Due to the rapid growth of seedlings and strong resistance to disease in the world, the flower leaf products are novel, pleasant, rare and very rare, which has aroused the attention of Lan. With the development of the orchid industry, Zimuhua has become the majority of Lanyou’s hot pursuits. The advantages of Longxing’s world are recognized by the majority of Lanyou’s friends. We believe that Longxing’s world is expected to become a giant panda in Lanzhou and there will be more and more. Lan You was impressed by his fragrance. At the same time, the strange new orchid products in the world of dragons will be further studied and explored by the people in Lanzhou.

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