Vacuum freeze-drying technology of food agricultural products

A vacuum freeze-drying food profile

Vacuum freeze-dried dehydrated foods, referred to as "lyophilized foods" for short, are the most advanced technology used to preserve foods in the world--vacuum freeze-drying technology to make water from fresh foods (vegetables, meat, seafood, instant soup, etc.) Quick-frozen into ice, under the vacuum heating sublimation and drying into a dehydrated food. Since the lyophilization process is carried out at a low temperature in a vacuum state, lyophilized dehydrated foods have advantages superior to other drying methods:

1, can maintain the original fresh food color, aroma, taste and nutrition

2, can maintain the appearance of fresh food

3, excellent rehydration, in a very short period of time to return to near fresh food

4. Natural health foods without any additives

5, good preservation, can be stored at room temperature for more than one year without refrigeration

6, the finished product is light and easy to transport

As a high-grade dehydrated food, vacuum freeze-dried food has become popular in various fields.

1, convenience food industry

In high-grade instant noodles, instant rice, instant noodles and other seasonings, freeze-dried products with excellent rehydration properties (such as vacuum freeze-dried meat, seafood, vegetables, etc.) have been added due to the addition of color, aroma, and taste. Make it worth doubling, good sales

2, soup processing industry

In an increasingly fast-paced urban life, due to the appearance of freeze-dried soup packets, it is no longer a dream to pay for a tasty, nutritious, and pleasing soup at any time.

3, instant beverage industry

Vacuum freeze-drying instant coffee, instant tea and other high-quality grades have dominated the instant beverage industry

4, nutrition and health food industry

In the family of health food products, high-grade nutritional health foods such as vacuum freeze-dried turtle fish meal, snake bile powder and royal jelly powder have been gradually introduced.

5, special industries

For the desert, plateau, polar, space, submarine, warships, ocean-going freighters and other special geographical living groups as well as military supplies, strategic reserve sources, vacuum freeze-dried dehydrated food is undoubtedly the best choice

At present, the common freeze-dried foods on the domestic market are (most of them are processed on the shelves):

1, dehydrated vegetables:

FD mushrooms, onions, garlic, green beans, corn, spinach, Dutch beans

2. Dehydrated meat and poultry eggs:

FD beef, pork, chicken, snake, egg yolk

3, dehydrated seafood:

FD shrimp, squid, scallops, crab meat, etc.

4, dehydration vegetables

Mainly made of freeze-dried dehydrated vegetables, formulated beef bag, chicken bag, seafood bag, vegetable bag, etc., and can be configured with sauce package

5, dehydrated fast food nutrients

FD egg soup, instant porridge block, baby nutrition meat paste, nourishing soup block, etc.

Beijing Bangzhou Science and Trade Co., Ltd. is specialized in the research and development of vacuum freeze-drying equipment and has a market share of more than 30% in the domestic market. Has many years of market experience, accustomed to providing key projects, and in the layout of the plant plane process, freeze-drying theory, freeze-drying process, personnel training and other aspects also have quite a success.

The scale of investment depends on the output. For example, an annual output of 80 tons of freeze-dried beef will require an investment of 3.8 million yuan, and an annual output of 150 tons, with an investment of approximately 5 million yuan. If the imported equipment is used, the investment will be greater.

Benefits: For each ton of dry goods processed, depending on the type of product, profits can be made from 3 to 300,000 yuan, profits from 23.3 to 41.9%, and raw material increments from 0.78 to 10.9 times.

two. Freeze Dryer Processing Range and Application

1. Vegetables: mushrooms, asparagus, parsley, celery, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, peppers, cauliflower, Dutch beans, chives, garlic, ginger, carrots, corn, green beans, various wild vegetables, etc.

2. Fruits: Litchi, Longan, Banana, Orange, Trichoderma, Watertight, etc.

3. Fish meat: shrimp, mussels, holy child, snake meat, fruit chestnut, soft-shelled turtle, beef, chicken, pork, ham, etc.

4. Instant noodles: instant noodles, instant rice, flour, soup, instant congee

5. Synthetic foods: pregnant women foods, baby foods, children's foods, elderly health products, etc.

6. Instant categories: instant tea, soy milk, vegetable juice, fruit juice, etc. Coffee, instant beverage, nutrient soup, etc.

7. Health products: royal jelly, snake powder (capsules), turtle fish balls, loach powder, etc., from the traditional oral liquid to a solid plastic pill

8. Seasonings: soup, jam, conditioning, spices, etc.

9. Chinese herbal medicines: Eucommia ulmoides, Ginkgo biloba, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, ginseng and enzyme, animal glue protein, etc.

10. Special foods: military foods, sports foods, aerospace foods, Arctic research foods, etc.

11. Feed: various pet feeds such as fish, insects, chicken liver, duck liver

three. Advantages of vacuum freeze-drying equipment for Beijing Bangzhou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (abstract)

(YVC-DF24m2, YVC-DF56 m2, YVC-DF112 m2)

1. The whole machine is designed by the famous ULVAC company in Japan. 40 years of development of vacuum freeze-drying equipment

Dacheng. Has more than 800 sales performance.

2. The overall performance of the equipment is at the international advanced level. After domestic and overseas experts have worked in China for nearly 10 years, the price is more than domestic and foreign counterparts, and the same area of ​​dehydration volume is 2-3 times that of domestic counterparts.

3. The equipment is equipped with a rich and practical guiding process.

4. The interior of the tank adopts the most advanced international "FEMO" food vacuum container coating. Safety, hygiene, acid, alkali, bump, bump.

5. Double-sided low-temperature far-infrared heating technology is among the world's forefront, making the material evenly heated, sublimation quickly, more energy-efficient than the general heating method, loading more materials and better product quality.

6. After each cycle, the temperature of the heated shelf can be automatically returned from 60°C to the feed temperature of -10°C.

7. The use of materials automatically into and out of the cylinder device, rapid and save power.

8. The cold trap is a special structure that does not fail in vacuum operation, has no exhaust flow resistance, has a strong ability to catch gas, uses steam defrosting, and has a fast defrosting speed.

9. The vacuum exhaust system adopts a specially configured high-efficiency high-energy exhaust unit, which requires no vacuum pump oil, fast speed, high vacuum degree, and 100% water resistance, avoids the possibility of oil emulsification, and reduces the running cost of starting aid time.

10. Self-produced media keeps flowing freely in various conditions from -70°C to 150°C, with a large heat load.

Guaranteed no aging for 10 years.

11. The partition is a thin box-shaped internal media flow path. It is made of a specially processed aluminum material that is extruded at one time. The media flows smoothly and quickly, allowing the partition to heat evenly.

12. The media circulation adopts the world-advanced -80°C~150°C totally enclosed media pump without liquid leakage. With Japan's vacuum patented media flow control technology, energy saving and temperature control accuracy are high.

13. Full program control system, color LCD display, operation without personnel control.

14. The cooling system adopts the brine cooling method. There is no load change, and the operation is stable. The shelves and the cold trap are cooled at the same time. The flow of the media that is cooled in the shelf circulating medium is mixed while the flow is adjusted, so that the shelf temperature control accuracy is high.

15. Various operating parameters of the equipment are abnormal. All have automatic alarm display system.

16. Sudden power failure automatic protection and three policy system.

17. All parameters such as vacuum and temperature sensors and displays used in the equipment are imported or assembled, and are currently the most cutting-edge devices in the world. The operation panel is the latest imported accessories, which is extremely beautiful and practical.

18. It adopts the most advanced 12-point automatic parameter inspection control and recording system imported.

19. Dry outside the special design, can keep the drain completely clean.

20. low noise.

twenty one. Low energy consumption.

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