Winter melon seeds

Name:Winter melon sub-category Category: Huatanzhikepingchuan Pinyin: DONG GUA ZI
Latin: Semen Benincasae
Alias: White melon seeds, melon seeds, melon petals, melon seeds, melon rhizome Medicinal parts: Seeds Herbs traits: flat long ovoid or oblong, about 1cm long, about 6mm wide. The skin is yellowish-white, sometimes cracked, one end obtuse, the other end pointed, the tip has two small protrusions, one of the smaller ones is the navel; the other protrusion is larger, there is a clear bead hole. Smooth edges (unilateral winter melon seeds). After peeling the seed coat, milky white kernels are visible and oily. Gas slightly, taste sweet.
Cultivation points:
Origin: All parts of China are harvested and processed: When the melon is eaten, seeds are collected. Wash, select mature, dry.
The history of the tunnel:
Tropism of taste: cool; sweet; lung, kidney function Indications: lungs, phlegm, eliminate phlegm, diuresis. For hot cough, phlegm, bowel, gonorrhea, edema, athlete's foot, acne.
Usage and dosage: Oral: decoction, 10 ~ 15g; or powder, 3 ~ 9. External use: Appropriate amount, coating paste.
Taboo: Spleen and Deficiency people are careful.

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