Hazelnut harvesting, storage and processing technology

1 When harvesting hazelnuts begin to turn yellow, it is suitable for harvesting. The harvest is too early, the seed is not full, the yield is low, and the quality is poor. Harvested too late, nuts landed, not easy to check. After harvesting, dry it in a shaded place, go to the husks, dry it, bag it and store it.
2 When storing hazelnuts, the humidity should be reduced from the high moisture content at harvest to 6% to 7.5% before storage. Therefore, after hazelnuts are harvested, the process of removing impurities, drying, and storing them must be carried out.
The storage warehouse should be kept dry. The relative humidity of the air should be below 60%, the temperature should be below 15Co, and the light in the warehouse should be dark.
3 Processing Technology
(1) Hazelnut grading is divided into 4 grades according to hazelnut size for further processing. Classifiers are used for grading. The main equipment is cylindrical sieve grading with different sizes of sieve holes.
(2) Shelling sheller removes the hazelnut shell, the shelled hazelnut is separated from the shell, and the hazelnut breakage rate is not more than 1%. The shelling machine is controlled by a computer, and a machine for 2 people operates for 6 hours. Can process 15t nuts.
(3) There are two methods for drying and drying: First, dry naturally and expose the nuts directly to sunlight. Select dry, well-ventilated, sunny, water-tight, and non-tide areas as a drying area. Use light. To dry. Or put the hazelnuts in a well-ventilated room and blow them with hot air. Second, artificial drying, there are two methods: First, use the barn, baking room is generally civil structure, rectangular, length is 6-10m, width 3-4m, height about 2m. The orientation of the barn should be based on the local wind direction. If the east wind dominates, the baking room should be long north and south; if the northwest wind is the main, the baking room should be long. The temperature-raising equipment in the barn includes six main parts, including a fire pit, a gray door, a hearth, a main fire, and a chimney. The grill is equipped with a grill (fixed or mobile), 8-9 floors high, and the distance between floors is 20-25cm. The second is the dryer. There are many kinds of dryers, but mainly tunnel dryers and drum dryers.
(4) The hazelnut is cooked by roasting the hazelnut with a roasting machine. It is generally best to use a roasted hazelnut machine (model: BRAMBATL SPA) made in Germany and can bake 25kg hazelnuts each time. The temperature and time are controlled by computers. After roasting the hazelnuts, the kernels are removed by stirring and finally the white hazelnuts are stored in a stainless steel container.
4 Hazelnut food processing China has not processed hazelnut food. The hazelnut food processing in Italy is very developed. The variety of processed hazelnut foods are of high quality and they are sold all over the world. They have achieved high economic benefits and deserve our reference.
Italian hazelnut candy crafts:
(1) Raw materials are ready to be cooked and peeled, hazelnuts are broken, hazelnuts are broken, and hazelnuts are broken into pellets of different sizes. Hazelnuts are ground and hazelnuts are made into hazelnut paste.
(2) Preparation of sugar.
(3) Mix the sugar with the nuts to make the results Renzi, hazelnut chocolate, hazelnut chocolate sauce, wine chocolate, rock chocolate ball, dessert and so on.
(4) Formation and cutting.
(5) Packaging.
(6) Quality inspection.
(7) Product storage.

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