What is the use of peat in agriculture?

Peat has many uses in agriculture and is currently used mainly for:
(1) Direct fertilizer application: The peat is dried in the sun and crushed and used directly as fertilizer. The peat is usually used as a base fertilizer with a high degree of decomposition, a small carbon-nitrogen ratio, and a large amount of effective nutrients. The application rate per acre is 2,500 to 3,000 kilograms; peat can also be used as a seedling nursery, as a heat-absorbing and insulating material, it works well.
(2) Material for padding: Because peat has a great ability to absorb moisture and ammonia, generally air-dried peat can absorb moisture of 3 to 6 times its own weight, which is a good padding material. It is generally advisable to use slightly acidic decomposition peat, which has high nitrogen adsorption performance. Do not leave the palisade over dry, otherwise it is easy to fly.
(3) Manufacture of peat compost: Low-level peat with a high degree of decomposition is easy to crush due to high nutrient content, and is most suitable for the production of peat compost. Generally, composting methods such as peat and human waste compost, peat and livestock excrement are generally used. Composting, peat and crop straw stalk composting, and peat and green manure composting are similar to common composting methods.
(4) Granulation fertilizer and fungus fertilizer: After the peat is sun-dried and sifted and sieved, horse manure, soil, nitrogenous fertilizer and phosphorous fertilizer can be added to make granular fertilizer, which not only maintains fertilizer but also facilitates mechanical fertilization. Peat can be used as an adsorbent for bacterial fertilizers after it has been dried, crushed, and sieved.
(5) Manufacture of humic acid fertilizers: Peat with high humic acid content can be used to produce ammonium humate, humic acid and nitrogen-phosphorus compound fertilizers, or to purify sodium humate and potassium humate.
(6) Cultivation of seedlings.

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