How to prevent and treat cotton blind ticks

Cotton aphids are the main pests on cotton. They damage the cotton tip, young leaves, young buds, and young bells with adults and nymphs. They can cause the top buds of cotton seedlings to scorch and darken, forming long cotton or branches and leaves growing in a maddening, cotton leaf. Broken, young buds and bells fall off, which have a great impact on cotton growth and yield.

The occurrence of regular adult phototaxis, growth of dense cotton fields spawn more. Like the warm and humid climatic conditions, when the temperature is 20 °C -30 °C, relative humidity is 80%, heavier, when the temperature is below 11 °C or 35 °C is not conducive to egg hatching. More rainfall in July-August is conducive to its occurrence. After a rainy day or after watering, the damage will suddenly increase, and the damage to the cotton field near green manure or field weeds will be severe.

One prevention and control method is balanced fertilization. NPK fertilizers should be formulated so that organic fertilizers can be used in combination with chemical fertilizers. Biological fertilizers and trace fertilizers should be added. Partial application of nitrogen fertilizers should be avoided to prevent overgrowth of cotton. The second is the timely removal of cotton stubs, dead leaves and weeds. Third, when the number of newly planted plants in the field is 5%-10%, and 100 plants have adults or nymphs, use 30% acephate EC or 48% chlorpyrifos EC and 20% fenvalerate EC in time. 1 Mix 1500-2000 times evenly spray. Spraying should be in the evening, pay attention to thoroughly spray, spray from the periphery to the center, control once every 7 days.

Selenium-enriched Rice grows selenium-rich rice by selenium supplementation when rice is grown. It is a functional agricultural product and is a food rich in selenium with high nutritional value.
Selenium is an indispensable trace element to maintain the normal function of the human body. Selenium deficiency in the human body can lead to various diseases. Modern scientific research proves that selenium has anti-oxidation, enhances human immunity, effectively removes harmful garbage, promotes human health, and delays aging.

Se-enriched Rice

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