Method for cultivating fry using grass pulp

Grass has comprehensive nutrition and high crude protein content. The grass is made into straw pulp to cultivate fish fry. The utilization of nutrients is high, and the unfinished straw pulp is decomposed, fertilizer and water promote the growth of plankton, and provides abundant natural food for fry. Therefore, fry grown with grass pulp grows fast and has a high survival rate. The technical points are as follows.
First, beaten with a high-speed beater water hyacinth, water lettuce, water peanuts and some terrestrial grass (must be tender grass) into a straw pulp. Before beating, all kinds of grass need to be washed with clean water and soaked with bleach solution. When beating, the feeding should be carried out a small number of times. The proportion of grass and water should be mastered. Try to make the grass pulp fine as possible to increase the suspension time of the pulp particles in the water and increase the utilization rate. After playing, it is necessary to add 0.3% to 0.5% of grass weight and mix with salt (to play a disinfection effect), let it stand for 3 or 4 hours, and then sprinkle the whole pool.
Second, feeding 1. Quantity. Generally, 50 kg to 75 kg of pulp are poured per acre of water. The amount fed depends on the growth of the fish, weather, and changes in water quality. Three days before fry stocking, about 130 kg of pulp per acre is used as a basal fertilizer to ensure that there are fertilizers in the fish ponds. In ponds with non-herbivorous fish, concentrates should be added to the straw. 2. Time. Generally, it will splash in Quanchipeo at about 8 am and 4 pm. Pouring too early, less dissolved oxygen, poor activity, eating less; pouring too late, fry can not finish, grass pulp in the water decomposition, easy to damage the water quality. If you encounter abnormal fish fry or hot weather, when it rains, be sure to splash less or not.
Third, management and feeding of straw should promptly and instal new water into the pool in order to raise the water level, increase the activity space of the fry, improve the water quality and increase the dissolved oxygen content; properly splash lime water, not only play a role in disinfection, It also neutralizes acidic substances that are decomposed by the straw pulp, so that the pH of the water will tend to be moderate, thereby promoting beneficial plankton breeding and fry growth.

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