Reasonable soybean harvesting methods

Soybeans should be harvested in time after ripening, harvesting too much water in the late soybean meal, and it will be easy to fry and lose grain. Appropriate harvest periods are determined according to different harvesting methods. Harvested with a hoe, harvesting begins after the leaves of soybeans are completely detached, at which point the nutrients have basically stopped feeding into the grains. Mechanical harvest must be harvested after the whole plant is fully mature and dry.
Manual harvesting is best carried out in the morning. At this time, the bean strain has a relatively high moisture content and is not easy to cook. Requested to cut low, do not reveal the ears of horses, do not miss cutting. After cutting, if the moisture content of the grain is relatively high, it can be aired in the field for several days, and it has been dried and transported back to the yard in time. Mechanical harvesting should reduce cutting and reduce losses as much as possible. At the same time, the gap between the rollers must be maintained at a high speed, and the gaps should be prevented from being excessively large and the gaps should be increased if the gaps are too small.

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