Soil Closure After Chinese Cabbage Sowing

138****4655 mobile phone sent a text message: What kind of medicine before the seedlings sowing cabbage closed sowing weeding?

Answer: You can choose Napropamide, Butachlor, Pendimethal, and other drugs, use 50% Napropamide 75-150g per acre, or 33% Pendimethalin 75-150ml, or 50 Butachlor EC 80-100 ml, add water 40-50 kg evenly spray. Pay attention to filling the bottom water, apply the pesticide immediately after seeding seeds, keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. Among them, Napropamide has better safety; pendimethalin should be applied immediately after sowing; the application of pesticides after seed germination is prone to phytotoxicity, and the amount of drugs used must also be strictly controlled and cannot be too large.

Tip: During the growth period of Chinese cabbage, grassy weeds in the field can be controlled using quizalofop-p-ethyl and other drugs. Broadleaf weeds and sedges are more difficult to control. The heavier blocks of broad-leaved weeds and sedges should be protected from weeds by means of soil closure before seedlings.

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