Causes and Preventive Measures of Fruit Drops from Jujube Trees

First, the main cause of jujube trees falling fruit and fruit falling caused by falling fruit trees in the following three aspects: (1) jujube tree flowering period is generally from 5 to June, this time, it is the rapid growth of new shoots and new roots of jujube trees In the period of rapid growth, there is competition for nutrients between vegetative growth and reproductive growth. Therefore, if the amount of nutrients supplied to the flowers is insufficient, the sepals are not fully developed, pollination and fertilization is poor, and within one week after flowering, all of these flowers fall off. . (2) During the flowering period of jujube, if there is a prolonged dry weather, pollen tube does not germinate and pollen does not spread, so that the amount of flowers pollinated is reduced, and flowers without pollination are shed. (3) When the jujube blooms, if it rains for a long time, pollen flow will be impaired, the number of insects will be reduced, and pollination will be poor. It will also cause a large amount of unpollinated pollination to fall off. Second, the main technical measures to prevent the jujube tree falling fruit (1) girdling during the flowering period. The specific implementation of girdling technology depends on the age and tree vigor. For jujube trees aged 3 to 5 years, the main branch girdling method is generally adopted. For jujube trees over 5 years old, the main girdling method is adopted. The width of girdling differs depending on the growth potential of the tree (the thickness of the main branch or trunk) and is generally 0.5 to 1.0 cm. (2) New shoots (Zaotou) topping. On the basis of maintaining a certain number of new shoots (jujube heads), some new shoots (jujube heads) shall be properly removed, and new shoots (jujube heads) shall be made when new shoots (jujube heads) have 4 to 5 secondary branches. Topping, retain 3 to 4 secondary branches. (3) Spraying growth regulators such as gibberellin, paclobutrazol, etc. during the flowering period. (4) Strengthen fertilizer and water management. Although the jujube tree is resistant to thin, proper irrigation and watering before flowering is an important measure to increase tree vigor, increase yield, and achieve high yield and stable yield. Before the flower is applied, the basal fertilizer, additional nitrogen fertilizer, and the application of phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer after anthesis are required to be timely irrigated during drought so as to facilitate pollination and fertilization and increase the fruit setting rate. (5) Put the bee on the jujube garden. If the jujube orchard is placed at the flowering stage, the fruit setting rate of the jujube can be significantly improved. (6) mixed varieties. Two or three jujube varieties are cultivated in the jujube garden at the same time so that the varieties pollinate each other to improve pollination fertilization rate and fruit setting rate; but for some special varieties of fresh jujube, in order to improve the fruit setting rate, they need to be configured. A variety of pollinators with a high affinity for this species.

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