Chrysanthemum cultivation techniques

Chrysanthemum Asteraceae annual green leafy vegetables, their cultivation techniques are as follows:
1. The best selection and preparation of land cultivated land Tonghaosu selection of sandy loam, requires convenient irrigation. Ploughing is performed after selecting the land, and a small amount of manure is applied as a basal fertilizer to be evenly mixed with the topsoil to make a flat rake of 1.4 to 1.5 meters wide and ready for sowing.
2. Seeding sowing method can be broadcast or drill. Sow every 667 square meters (1 acre) with the amount of seed 4 ~ 5 kg, in order to increase production and improve quality, the amount of seed can be increased to 6 to 7 kg. Drills are sown at a distance of about 10 centimeters, and 667 square meters are about 2.5 to 3 kilograms. In order to produce seedlings neatly and early, seedlings can be soaked and germinated before sowing. Seeds will be soaked in warm water for 24 hours, removed from the shoots and then germinated at 15~20°C. Seeds will be sown when sowing, and about 1 cm after sowing. thick.
3. The seedlings and the herbicide Chrysanthemum vulgaris can emerge in about 1 week after sowing. When the seedlings grow to have 2 to 3 true leaves, the seedlings should be taken and the field weeds should be removed. The sown seedlings should keep the plants at a spacing of about 4x4 cm, and the spacing of the drills should be controlled at 3 to 4 cm.
4. Watering Artemisia halodendron can't lack water during growth, and should keep the soil moist, but the garland chrysanthemum sowed in the rainy season, when the seedlings are just unearthed, should control the water to prevent the occurrence of damping-off, after which the field should be kept moist. In case of rain, guard against flooding and remove stagnant water.
5. Fertilizer base fertilizer is dominated by organic fertilizer, generally 667 square meters apply 300 to 400 kg of cooked manure. Top dressing is mainly available nitrogen fertilizer. Generally, when the seedling height is 10-12 cm, top dressing is started, and 667 square meters of urea are used for 20-25 kg. After each harvest, apply the same amount of fertilizer.
6. Collecting Artemisia halodendron generally grows for 40 to 50 days, and plants can be harvested when they are about 20 cm high. If you want to make multiple harvests, you can use a knife to leave about 3 centimeters at the base of the main stem. The cut stems and leaves are bundled and sold in 0.5 kg. The old hoe left after cutting must be topdressed and watered in time, and it can be collected one month later.

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