How to make rainbow trout transport

Rainbow trout is a kind of fish with large oxygen consumption and very strict water quality requirements. It is not easy to survive long-distance transportation. I have been engaged in rainbow trout farming for many years, and now I will talk about some personal opinions on the issues that should be paid attention to in the transportation process.
1, water temperature. The suitable temperature for transport water is 0°C-10°C, and the most suitable temperature is 0°C-5°C. If the water temperature is high, it is necessary to add ice cubes to the water to reduce the temperature.
2, time. The transport time should be selected for evening loading and night operation. The duration is best controlled within 10 hours. If it exceeds 10 hours, it is necessary to change the water in time to prevent damage to the fish body due to deterioration of water quality.
3, density. The oxygen consumption of rainbow trout changes with changes in water temperature, water quality, and external environmental conditions. In the resting, dark, fasting state at 5°C, the adult fish consumed 40-70 mg/kg of oxygen. The temperature increases by 1-2 times for each increase of 5°C, juveniles are 2-3 times higher than adults, increase by 1-2 times under external stimuli such as light and vibration, and increase 1-2 times after satiation. During the transportation process, oxygen emissions should be increased or decreased at any time according to the above changes in conditions. When the water temperature is 5°C, the adult fish transport density should be 200 kg/m3.
4, equipment. You must use a good car and oxygen bottle. The tank size should be consistent with the vehicle, check the equipment in detail, and observe the total amount of oxygen in the bottle. Whether the bottle mouth or exhaust pipe is leaking, plugged, or whether there is water leakage in the tank, whether it has enough oxygen cylinders.
5, other. Stop for 2-3 days before transport to keep the fish in an empty stomach, so as to reduce the excretion of fish excrement and prevent the deterioration of water quality. The handling of fish should be carried with water, and the fish should be put in a light and light manner to avoid fish body bruises. Rinse with 5% saline for 5 minutes. When adding ice cubes to the water tank to cool down halfway, they should be added in small portions to avoid excessive temperature difference and affect the survival rate.

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