Fermentation straw feed four methods

Fermentation of straw feed Four methods use straw fermentation agent to make feed, which is simple and cost-effective. After the straw has been treated with the straw starter, the nutritive value of the straw is increased, and the texture becomes softer and has a sour smell. Although this kind of feed has strong palatability and livestock and poultry love to eat, if it is unscientific to feed, it may cause some livestock and poultry to refuse to eat or eat less due to unaccustomed habits, which will affect the feeding effect. In order to avoid this situation, patience should be used to gradually transition. Here are some kinds of feeding methods, please try:
1. The hunger guide method. Feeding a small amount of fermented feed and feeding other conventional feeds is the first step in fasting livestock and poultry. This slowly guided gradually adapting the livestock to the taste of the fermented feed.
2, mix and match method. Mix a small amount of fermented feed with concentrate before feeding. The proportion gradually increased until 50-80%.
3, odor induction method. The fermented feed is placed on the bottom of a feeding trough, and the upper layer is often fed with forage grass so that the livestock can gradually adapt to the smell or taste of the fermented feed.
4, gradually gradually feeding method. Stir the fermented straw feed with other commonly used forages and feed them. The amount of feed used for fermentation can be increased from small to large, and gradually fed.

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