Jinbao-type fertilizer starter (swine manure fermented as fertilizer method)

Jinbao-type fertilizer starter (swine manure fermented as fertilizer method)
The feces can also be changed into good fertilizers. These are similar to the achievements of the goldfish starter. With the good methods of producing good fertilizer and saving money, what should be done? Here's how to introduce a method using the Kimpo Fermenter. The pig manure was mixed with straw, sawdust, mushroom residue, and dry earth powder in an appropriate ratio. 1 ton of material (about 2.5 tons of fresh material) plus 1 kg of golden bacon starter, diluted with 1 kg of golden baby starter and 5 kg of rice bran (or bran, corn flour, etc.) diluted and then evenly scattered into the material heap, mixed Mix it with fermentation. Note that it is better to use rice bran instead of “cooking,” and the fresh rice bran has better nutrition and ventilation than old rice bran. During the fermentation process, proper oxygen supply and turnover were noted. The temperature rise was controlled at about 70°C, and the temperature was too high to affect nutrients. The moisture of the fermentation material should be controlled at 60 to 65%. Too high or too low is not conducive to fermentation, too little water, slow fermentation; too much water can lead to poor ventilation, slow heating, and produce odor. To adjust the moisture content of the material: If the moisture content is too high, add straw, sawdust, mushroom slag, and dry earth powder. Whether the water is suitable or not is judged by hand: hand grasps a handful of material, the finger sees the watermark but does not drip, the landing is loose. The entire fermentation process is completed 5-7 days. Finished organic fertilizer is fluffy, dark brown, slightly scented or earthy, nutrient-rich, used in fruits and vegetables, cash crops, seedlings, flower nutrition soil, value-added several times. Details can visit the website or consult.

Chinese traditional chicken growth cycle is long, mature slowly, less meat. Meat features more fat, rich flavor, more suitable for soup, braised, white cut and other traditional diet. The introduction of white feather broiler with advanced scientific large-scale collective breeding experience, so that its growth cycle is greatly shortened, and there are more mature and fast meat characteristics, compared with the meat of its own flesh less fat, rich gravy, Fine fibers, the nutrients contained in the body more easily absorbed. Because of the characteristics of white chicken meat, so they are more suitable for deep-fried, barbecue, fried chicken and other cooking methods.

Fresh lamb, high nutritional value, where lack of kidney yang, Yaoxisuanruan, abdomen cold pain, labor-deficit who can use it for therapeutic products. Mutton is rich in nutrition, and is of great benefit to tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma, anemia, deficiency of both qi and blood in the postpartum, cold pain in the abdomen, chills, malnutrition, weakness of the waist and knees, impotence and premature ejaculation, Bushen impotence, moderate temperature effect of tonic, men are suitable for regular consumption.

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