Gold Baby Feed Fermentation (Roughage Fermentation or Good Goldfish)

Gold Baby Feed Fermentation (Roughage Fermentation or Good Goldfish)
Before we use fermented roughage with the Kinpo 2 starter, let's look at the fermentation of roughage and roughage. The so-called roughage refers to a type of feed that has a crude fiber content of more than 18% in terms of dry matter, and is bulky and difficult to digest, and can use less nutrients, including: straw, clams, vines, hay, leaves, and Industrial and agricultural by-products. Specifically: There are the following categories:
1. Straw: Straw, corn stalk, wheat straw, bean stalk (stalks of soybean, pea, broad bean, cowpea, etc.), cereal straw (stalks of millet), and various vines.
2. Citrus aurantium: rice husk, sorghum shell, peanut shell, soybean meal, cottonseed husk, glutinous rice, etc.
3, leaves and other forage products.
4, a variety of green hay.
5. Industrial wastes: such as distiller's grains, brewers' grains, bagasse, furfural slag, grape pomace, corn husk, sauce slag, fruit slag, potato slag and beet slag.
The fermentation of roughage uses the fermentation of functional micro-organisms in the starter fermentation process to degrade the hard-to-digest, high-molecular-weight carbohydrates, such as cellulose, into nutrients that are easily digested by the animal while increasing the amount of digestible protein. Details can visit the website or consult.

Wolfberry Tea/Goji Tea:

Wolfberry tea is produced from the goji berries and it is highly nutritious. This tea contains a similar amount of helpful phytochemicals and antioxidants as those present in goji berry fruit and juice. Regular consumption of wolfberry tea may therefore prove to be beneficial.


Function of wolfberry tea:

Strengthens the body and restores health with TCM;

Eliminates internal heat and toxic materials;

Reduces phlegm and suppresses coughing;

Relieves minor pain; and balances medicinal properties. 



Suggested Usage:

The property of goji leaf is mild, so that you can drink goji leaf
Preparation of goji berry tea: take 1-1.5g goji leaf tea in a Cup, steep the tea with boiling water until the water rises just over the tea, then pour out the water from the cup at once(activation).Steep the tea with 150ml boiling water again and wait for about 5 minutes. Then drink the tea.

The tea is drunk and the bits and pieces of dried herbs are chewed. It is recommended not to add sugar in this green tea preparation, as the berries used in the preparation process have natural sweetness.

Wolfberry Tea

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