Eggplant cut leaves three look

The growth potential of eggplant is generally very strong, and improper management can easily lead to plant growth, fruit drop, and reduce the quality and yield of eggplant. Cutting leaves can effectively control plant growth and improve eggplant quality. A look at the variety of cut leaves. For varieties with strong branching ability and luxuriant foliage, such as Banyan No.1, Six-leaf eggplant, and Nine-leaf eggplant, etc. can be cut more; For varieties with poor branching ability and sparse foliage, such as Beijing Xiaoyuan, Luqie 1, Tianjin Beef heart sowing should be cut or not cut. Second, see the potential to cut leaves. Plants with excessive density, luxuriant growth, and severe branches and leaves can be cut in order to facilitate ventilation and light transmission; plants with relatively light density, normal or weak growth, and good ventilation and light transmission can be cut less or not. Three to see the leaves cut leaves. The following three points should be taken when cutting leaves of an eggplant: First, only cut the leaves on the sides of the leaves, and retain the leaves in the middle and upper part; Second, cut off the leaves with diseases and pests, and keep the normal growing leaves; Third, cut the yellow leaves Leaves, leaves that retain robust edges.

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