Fast feeding of broilers

After the cock has been chopped, the long meat is extremely fast. However, due to the troublesome operation of the pheasant and the stable growth it affects, it is generally seldom done, but it is simpler to use the traditional Chinese medicine method. The method is: 300 to 450 grams of rooster each fed 13 schisandra and 12 white pepper, two drugs were fed at once. More than 500 grams of cocks each fed 15 grains of schisandra and 18 white peppers; cocks of 1 year or older each fed 20 grains of schisandra and 23 grains of white pepper. Force feeding once. After 9 days of treatment, the cock was no longer buzzing, the chicken's crown gradually shrank, the food intake increased, the feathers became smooth after 30 days, and the meat started to hypertrophy. Traditional Chinese medicine fast fattening fertilizer method uses 12% of Hot Pepper, 23% of licorice, 12% of iron sulfate, 23% of ginger powder, 7% of fennel, and 23% of Wujiapi in autumn. It is powdered and mixed evenly in feed; winter and spring use ginger powder 20%, internal hemorrhoids 50%, licorice 7%, fennel powder 7%, cooked soybean powder 6%, iron sulfate 8%, add water into the feed after the powder. Both formulas fed 0.11 grams per bird per day and after half a month each bird could gain 25 to 50 grams per day. China Agricultural Network Editor

Mustard Powder


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