The beauty of cotton ditch

Cotton ditching is an important management measure in the cotton budding period. If the groove is timely, the quality of the trench will be high, which will greatly increase the yield and quality of the cotton. The benefits of the ditch are as follows: Trenches prevent the lodging of plants. Cultivating soil by cultivating and fixing cotton plants can prevent lodging of plants. 2. The cotton seal ditch can achieve drought and energy, and it can seal and protect the soil. There is a ditch in the width of the cotton field, which can be watered along the ditch during drought, drainage along the ditch when it is dry, and the soil on the surface can be cultivated on both sides of the narrow row of cotton. A small ditch can be formed in the narrow row of the cotton plant to make the soil around the cotton plant Layer thickening, is conducive to water conservation. 3. Cotton ditch can be a good solution to the phenomenon of field cover. Especially in dense cotton fields, forming a ventilation channel in a wide row can promote air flow, increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, and increase the photosynthesis of the leaves. At the same time, it can also prevent falling bells and rotten bells. 4. Cotton ditching solves the problem of field weeds. The earthworm root not only cultivates the fertility, but also removes the weed roots, so that the weeds lose their living environment.

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