Feeding points for adult earthworms

The soil element that is aged over 6 years (ie, 6 times of molting) is an adult animal. At this time, the soil element can be used as a medicine. Freshly peeled fresh products are edible and can be processed. Strengthening the breeding management at this time is to increase the earth element breeding. The key to benefit. Its feeding points are as follows:

First, increase nutrition and improve temperature and humidity

In this period, when the earth element grows most vigorously, if it is to be used as a commodity, the soil element should increase the proportion and frequency of feeding the material, such as changing from the original two days of feeding to one day, and the rough material ratio can be increased by one. : 4 changed to 1:3 to increase the rate of weight gain of the earthen yuan and the morning market. Appropriately increasing the temperature and humidity can also help the soil element to increase the growth rate of the earth element. For example, the humidity can be adjusted by adopting measures such as mixing the feed with wetness and feeding the water in the pond.

Second, timely picking male energy efficiency

After the eighth peeling of the earth element, the males have given birth to their wings. The maternal larvae have not yet matured and do not need to mate. It is very necessary to pick out males. In this way, the males selected will not only increase income but also save money. Feed is also conducive to the quiet growth of the female worm. Generally about 15% of the males can meet the need. About one month after picking, the males begin to mate. The mother worm can lay eggs in about two months.

Third, spawning supplements

In industrialized three-dimensional rearing, the management of the spawning worms is relatively strict. It is advisable that the breeding density is less than 4,000 for a square meter. Because spawning requires a quiet environment, the density is too large to cause premature aging of the female worm, and the number of spawning is reduced. At the same time, the temperature requirement will also increase, nutrition will be more substantial, and some proteins may be added in an appropriate amount. Green feed is better. Increase the thickness of the broiler soil and promptly screen the egg mass (usually 15-20 days a day) to prevent the female worm from eating the oocyst. When the eggs are sifted, the action must be light, try to avoid touching the body and the worm, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

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