The adverse effects of straw returning are eliminated

The return of corn stalks to land is one of the means to increase the utilization rate of agricultural resources. However, some peasants have not grasped this technology comprehensively. Some problems have appeared in the application and even have negative effects. For example, the emergence of wheat in some plots is low and yellow seedlings appear. , weak or even dead seedling phenomenon. After more than a dozen days, corn was harvested. The author reminded farmers and friends to pay attention to the three defenses when applying the technology to reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests in the crop.

The C/N ratio of corn straw with C/N ratio imbalance was (65-85):1, while the ratio of C:N with suitable microbial activity was 25:1. The nitrogen content in the soil after straw return was insufficient, and the microorganisms competed with the crops for N, wheat seedlings. It is yellow, thin, and poorly grown due to nitrogen deficiency. Solution: After the straw is crushed, spread 50 kg of ammonium bicarbonate or 20 kg of urea per acre on the surface of the straw, and then plow.

Straw crushed too large crushed straw, the length is greater than 10 cm, is not conducive to ploughing, affecting the sowing. Solution: Use a large straw mill with a relatively large horsepower, so that the straw is finely comminuted and deeper in rotation, and the straw is evenly mixed with the soil.

After the soil is too loose to return to the soil, the soil is too loose, and there are many large pores. The wheat seeds cannot be in close contact with the soil, affecting the germination and growth, not being firmly rooted, and even appearing the phenomenon of “hanging roots”. To solve this problem, in addition to improving the quality of straw smash, we must pay attention to the following four aspects: the application of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium fertilizer; improve soil moisture; improve the quality of sowing; timely suppression, watering. After wheat sowing, it was air-dried for 1 day and was pressed with Dendrobium to densify the soil.

In addition, straw with pests can not be returned directly to the field, otherwise the summer maize will be susceptible to disease. This kind of straw should be destroyed or put into the farmland after high-temperature composting.

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