Good breeding must pay attention to epidemic prevention

The big pig farmers who have been baptized by the pig market have a deep feeling: The pig industry is a high-risk industry. Risk and profit are often directly proportional. It is capital and technology, and it should be topped when there is a low tide. Live, or high tide to win. In recent years, swine disease has been characterized by mixed infections and atypical symptoms. With the increased resistance to pathogens, diagnosis and treatment have become more and more difficult. Some experts frankly stated that the level of disease prevention and control now determines the level of profitability. In fact, from the perspective of the losses caused by the epidemic of high fever in the second half of last year, the worst of them was the free-range farmers and rushed pig farms.

In the face of the dual risks of the market and diseases, the breeders should respond with a positive attitude and scientific methods. Livestock and poultry epidemics exist objectively, and infection is the main factor in the epidemic. As long as they can cut off the epidemic ways of infection and increase the resistance of pigs, the epidemic can be prevented and controlled.

At present, there are too many retail households engaged in animal husbandry in China, and multiple treatments are used to prevent epidemics. Some people think that epidemic prevention is vaccination, and only using vaccines for epidemic prevention does not guarantee the health of livestock and poultry. Only biological safety is emphasized, and husbandry management and environmental sanitation are emphasized. Doing a good job of isolating and disinfecting diseased livestock and poultry, and reducing the spread of pathogens caused by human factors is the key.

At present, the common problems in the livestock industry are poor feeding conditions, weak technical strength, and frequent occurrence of epidemics such as severe winters and hot summers. Livestock and poultry grow slowly, resulting in unfair marketization of livestock products, and prices fluctuate drastically. If you can create a good breeding environment, choose to feed the appropriate ratio of feed, take scientific management measures, application of scientific immunization program, livestock and poultry disease resistance is strong, the use of drugs is reduced, raising the benefit of the natural increase.

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