Give the female rabbit a controllable litter

Controlling the number of litters in female rabbits is an important measure to increase the survival rate of young rabbits and increase the benefit of raising rabbits. How can we control pregnant female rabbits so that the number of litters is moderate? The author used the "rabbit point fetal technique" to control the female rabbits who wished to have real estate property. The specific method is as follows:

1. Operating time. When the female rabbit is 10 to 14 days pregnant, its embryo has developed into a size of fresh soybean, but the organs of the nose, eyes, etc. have not yet formed. At this time, it is easy to touch the developing embryo by hand in the abdomen. At this time, it is the pregnant mother. The best time for the rabbits to use the point of fetal surgery.

2. Tire method. The surgery should be selected in the morning and the female rabbit should perform well when it is fasting. Specific methods of operation: first hand to touch the abdomen from the back to the front touch again to check the number of female rabbits pregnant. Then the female rabbit is fixed on a small table or a small square stool with its head towards the operator. The operator's left hand grasps the female rabbit's ear and neck skin, and the right hand moves from the genital area forward and moves while touching. From the first embryo, pinch the embryo with your thumb, index finger, and middle finger. According to this method, from the back to the front of the excess embryos. These embryos that had been killed died at the time of childbirth and were given at the same time as cakes and discarded in time.

3. Note. When applying the technique, use force when hand-pinching the embryo. If you use too much force, it will cause the uterus to rupture, resulting in miscarriage or death of the female rabbit. If too little embryos are used, the embryos will not continue to develop and form weak or deformed embryos. In addition, the use of the point of fetal surgery must be timely, premature application of the technique is not easy to understand the number of embryos, too late embryonic development is more likely to cause female rabbits abortion or fatal accident.

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