The Prevention and Treatment of Rabbits' Food Problems

Epidemic disease is one of the most common diseases in rabbits. It usually occurs in rabbits aged 2 to 6 months and usually occurs 2 to 4 hours after eating. If left untreated, severely ill rabbits will burst and die.

Prevention First, feed the amount of concentrate to prevent rabbits from overcooking raw cold feed. Cakes should be crushed and bubbled through with warm water to prevent swelling after entering the rabbit's stomach. Second, avoid let rabbits eat dew grass and mildew feed. Third, regular quantitative feeding, change the feed to a gradual transition. Fourth, keep the rabbit house clean.

In the early onset of treatment, rabbits can be given 5 drops of water. You can also pour two garlic into a paste, soak it in 150 ml vinegar for 30 minutes, take the vinegar and garlic solution to the rabbits, 20 ml each time. Rhubarb soda tablets can also be crushed into 1 or 2 fine powder, with warm water fed gut rabbits. In the middle period of rabbit plots, the radish can be smashed and the diseased rabbits can be fed with two tablespoons. Or pulverize the peppercorns (shelled) and fill the sick rabbits with warm water. In the late stages of feeding the diseased rabbit, a syringe can be used to slowly withdraw gas from its bowel.

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