Gold silk candied fruit processing technology features and benefits

Jujube fruit is rich in nutrients, rich in sugar, a variety of micro-vitamins, proteins and other nutrients, and is a leader in many fruits. At present, with the development of China's fruit industry, a single fruit can no longer meet people's needs. The jujube tree has also become an important species with rapid development. The jujube tree has a high yield and a mature period. The jujube fruit can not completely solve the problem of market sales of fresh fruit. Therefore, the processing of fresh jujube into gold candied dates not only solves the problem that the fresh jujube market is overpowered, but also meets people's need for various jujube foods. The "Golden candied fruit processing technology" is simple in technology, medium and small plus workshops can be made, small processing can be made in the family, the produced candied dates are delicious, nutritious, the market sells well, the economic value and social benefits are excellent, especially For the fruit grower of the jujube tree, it is not only a good way to sell fresh fruit, but also a good measure for mastering the techniques of making dates and candied fruit. First, the processing and production efficiency of the production of gold candied dates can only do 500g candied dates 650-700g, sugar 250g, the cost is only 5-6 yuan, the cost of other raw materials is 2 yuan, candied dates for every 500g sales price of 10 yuan, The profit is 3 yuan. It is estimated that the processing value per hectare of fresh dates is 20,000 yuan, the profit is 6,000 yuan/ton, and the tax is 900 yuan/ton. Second, the direct benefits of fruit farmers Jujube is a perennial plant, long life, high yield, per acre planted date tree 50-60 strains, 30-40kg per fruiting fruit, fruit production per acre 1500-2000kg, fresh fruit value per mu 4500-6000 yuan. Farmers established a small plus workshop with a new output value of 25,000 yuan/mu, a profit of 7500 yuan/mu and a tax of 1100 yuan/mu. The first technology of this technology is to concentrate raw materials for processing seasons, so that they can be easily selected and produced; second, low technical cost, good economic value and good social benefits; thirdly, solve the problem of difficult fruit sellers selling fresh fruits; People love it, it is cheap, it has high nutritional value and it sells well.

Adult Toys Category: From the utility of toys, can be divided into puzzle categories, the whole human, competitive, casual and so on. From the production of materials to distinguish, can be divided into categories of iron, wood arts, electronics and so on. Overall, the adult toys consumer groups are teens to thirties, young people, but the different types of toys facing the consumer groups are different, talk about my view:
Whole human toys, the main consumer groups are teenagers and a small number of high school students, mainly to secondary school students. This type of toy is based on the whole person, engage in prank-based, or scared you jump, or make you a fool.
Puzzle toys, the face of a wider range of consumers, including the representative product is a nine-loop-based deduction category, as well as the wood to the Ming lock as the representative of the unlock products suitable for over the age of 20 Young people. Hundreds of pieces of the big puzzle, especially for female white-collar workers.
Competitive category, mainly refers to all kinds of chess, as well as some sports products, such as wooden checkers, wooden path chess, and sports blown, consumer groups of 30-year-old office workers or white-collar workers .
Leisure category, mainly to advanced electronic products, as well as some beautiful models, consumers are mostly career successful people.

In the traditional concept, toys belong only to children, adult toys a little bit "playful" taste. "Modern Chinese Dictionary" on the word toy comment, is "designed for children's play items."

Today, toys are no longer children's patents. Adult toy sales in developed countries in Europe and America accounted for 60% of total toy sales. 40% of the toy companies in the United States are designed for the elderly. In Japan, 84% of adults 18-69 have at least one toy. In the province, the moment is also quietly emerging a new way of entertainment: not clubbing, camping, not playing, nor Party, but leisure time alone or about thirty-five friends playing toys. This is a fashion, a popular, but also a self-enjoyment of happiness.

Adult Toys

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