Longan meat production

The production of longan meat usually uses longan varieties with small Fruit, but it must be thick, small, and high in sugar content. Processing methods, such as fruit sorting, fruit cutting, and fruit washing, are the same as the longan dry processing methods. Then put the fresh fruit in the sun, or in a baking oven, drying in the oven. Dry to a half-dried degree, peel the shells by hand, then use fingers to peel the pulp from the fruit pedicle into a plum shape, spread on a bamboo basket, continue to dry the pulp in the sun, or bake in the drying room Dried flesh, the temperature is controlled at about 60 °C, but can not be dried on the baking stove, otherwise the meat is easy to burn yellow and smoke smell. Longan meat is moderately dry and moderately sweet, brittle and tough, with a bright yellow color and a moisture content of 15% to 19%.

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