High yield corn fertilization

The thick corn stalk, developed root systems, strong fertility, and rapid growth are crops that require more fertilizer. In order to seize the high yield of corn, sufficient organic fertilizer must be applied as base fertilizer. Fertilizers can be applied to soils with medium or lower fertility. When 5 or 7 leaves are grown after the corn has set, the first top-dressing “shooting seedling fertilizer” will be applied. The decomposed organic fertilizer will be applied with a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer, and the ammonium sulfate will be about 5 kg of ammonium sulfate, which will promote seedling growth and development. If the amount of basal fertilizer is enough or applied fertilizer, the leaf color is dark green, and seedling fertilizer can be applied less or not. When the seedling height is 70 centimeters to 100 centimeters, the second topdressing “attacking culm fertilizer” can make the corn stalk thick and strong, which is conducive to the formation of large fruit spikes; it can be applied to manure, bauxite or nitrogen fertilizer. The amount of nitrogen fertilizer is about 7.5 kg of ammonium sulphate, which is applied at a distance of 10 cm from the plant and is buried in the soil in combination with a cultivator. In the third round of corn tasseling, "climbing fertilizer" was applied to the application of nitrogen fertilizer to ensure the corn filling phase after the heading of the need for nutrients, this fertilizer has the greatest relationship with corn yield.

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