Nitrate content of vegetables biological control model demonstration project implementation plan

First, the demonstration significance and purpose Strict control of nitrate (NO3-) content of vegetables is a key indicator of pollution-free agricultural products. 81.2% of the human body's intake of NO2- comes from vegetables. The NO3-content of vegetables depends on the amount of nitrogen fertilizer. According to the requirements of the production of non-pollution vegetables, the main measures to reduce NO3-concentration in vegetables are organic fertilizer, with suitable quantified fertilizer; second, application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers; third, spraying of trace element fertilizers; and fourth, nitrification inhibitors and nitrogen fertilizers. In conjunction with. Dalian Baoluobao Marine Life Sciences R&D Center Co., Ltd. has successfully solved these problems with its new generation of ultra-efficient marine bio-medicine “Magic Cube” series products. Field experiments conducted by the Dalian Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2002, field trials at the Liaoning Fertilizer Terminal in 2003, and the application of the company's products in a 5,000-mu farmland in Dalian Ganjingzi District in 2003 demonstrated that the use of the company's products can eliminate the need for chemical pesticides and use less. Under the condition of 3% fertilizer, the production can be increased by 13%-40%, which means that 30% of nitrogen fertilizer can be reduced and the production can be increased. In addition, Rubik's Cube is itself a multi-effect of organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, nitrogenous fertilizer nitrification inhibitors, etc. The NO3- content of agricultural products produced by it is not excessive, and its quality is excellent, and it is rich in the ability to block NO3-forms vitamin C. In 2003, the company also developed a Seaweed extract plant enriched with more than 10 kinds of trace elements such as molybdenum and manganese to increase production of opsonization enzymes, which can increase the activity of nitrate reductase in crops and further reduce the NO3-concentration of vegetables to produce more and better products. Pollution-free green food. Second, test materials and methods 1, test materials. Adopted the “Magic Formula” No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 products of Dalian Baoluobao Marine Life Sciences Research and Development Center Co., Ltd.; the company’s new product, seaweed extract plant, immunostimulated opsonization; the company’s introduction of bio-aerobic plant genes activator , The original wolfberry plant nutrients; Dalian Xianlvbao Organic Leaf Fertilizer Co., Ltd. "fresh green treasure." 2, select the test species: vegetables, celery, radish, carrots. 3, method:

Fertilization period fertilization method Remarks Seedling basal fertilizer: (1) According to the conventional chemical fertilizer dosage of 70%, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are used as base fertilizers and applied to the soil once. (2) Farmyard Fertilizer + 1000 times "Magic Formula" 1 + 300 times "Xin Lubao" The use of chemical fertilizers as base fertilizer can reduce the NO3-concentration of vegetables compared with that used as top dressings, and has no significant effect on the yield. Vegetative growth period 1000 times "magic square" 2 + 800 times odd gene plant activator, 7-10 days spray 1000 times "seaweed essence" +300 times "fresh green treasure" 7-10 days spray 1 time do not chase Nitrogen fertilizer elicited long, but earlier harvested, harvested 800 days before and 14 days, 9 days, and 4 days. "Magic" 2 + 1000 times Herbin plant gene activator was sprayed once 800 times "seaweed" + 300 times fresh oyster 800 times one day before the first harvest of the spray.

4. Control group 1 畦 (44m): Topdressing with nitrogen fertiliser by using half of the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers originally used as basal fertilizer as base fertilizer, and the other half for vegetative growth and topdressing before harvest. 3. Demonstration site and area Demonstration area of ​​8,994 hectares, including: 334 hectares of Yingchengzi Urban Agricultural Demonstration Zone in Ganjingzi District of Dalian, 20 hectares of non-environmental agricultural production bases, 25 hectares of Qiangge Agricultural Science and Technology Park, and boutique tour of Fort Zhenzhen, Gezhen 100 hectares of orchard, 134 hectares of fruit tree boutique garden in Ling; 404 hectares of National Agricultural Science and Technology Park in Jinzhou District; 1,266 hectares of Dalian Agricultural Modernization Park in Dalian; 800 hectares of extroverted modern agricultural park, 300 hectares of Dengshahe Modern Agriculture Park. Weijiahou Shishi Modern Agricultural Park 186 hectares, 52 hectares of Changsongzi Modern Agricultural Park in Changshou Town, Lushun Town, 266 hectares of modern agricultural park in Sanchabao Town, 166 hectares of Jiangxi Modern Agriculture Park, 68 hectares of modern agricultural park in Longtou Town, Navy 200 hectares of modern agricultural park in Yingying Street, 300 hectares of Hanwei Modern Agricultural Park, 667 hectares of Modern Agricultural Park in Xietun Town, Wafangdian, 1133 hectares of Modern Agricultural Park in Fortress Town, 133 hectares of Modern Agricultural Park in Xutun Town, modern agriculture in Changxing Island Town 133 hectares in the park, 66 hectares of modern agricultural park in Lidian Town; Golden Pebble Beach Dalian glorious high-tech sightseeing in China There are 100 hectares of agricultural demonstration area, 100 hectares of Grape Valley Tourist Area in the resort area, 334 hectares of Dalian Sanhe Modern Agriculture Park, 420 hectares of Pulandian Liujia Modern Agricultural Park, 400 hectares of Fengrong Modern Agricultural Park and 340 hectares of Nanshan Modern Agriculture Park. IV. Investigation items 1. Output 2. Commodity traits 3. NO3-content 4. Vc content


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