How to eat "glutinous rice dumplings" is the most digestible?

The first month of the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, the protagonist of the Lantern Festival - Tang Yuan, all kinds of fillings are varied, the rice dumplings made by glutinous rice, the ancients said that glutinous rice is spleen and stomach, easy to digest, but the dumplings made by glutinous rice have become difficult to digest? How to eat healthier?

The dumplings are processed from glutinous rice into glutinous rice flour and are very fine glutinous rice flour, so the fiber is very small and belongs to the white staple food. The dumplings are made from glutinous rice flour and then wrapped in water, just like a steamed buns. The Lantern Festival is a stuffing material that is rolled into raw glutinous rice flour. Because of its processing, it has become a high-energy, non-digestible food. One characteristic of glutinous rice is that it has a small bulge, which means that it is similar to the ratio of swelling when it is cooked. Although the weight is the same, the weight is the same. If you eat the same volume, it is natural that the glutinous rice is not digested because its weight is increased. Then made the dumplings, and also added black sesame or other nuts and other fillings, although looking at the addition of a little bit of nutrition, but for the taste of natural oils and sugar is also indispensable, it also increases its fat content.

So usually we feel that the food made by eating glutinous rice is not easy to digest, mainly because we have turned it into a "transformation", and after eating it, we ate too much, and at the same time, we ate too much fat and sugar with glutinous rice. If you eat it in a deep fry, it is even harder to digest the food that is so "oily".

In addition, as for the sugar-free dumplings, you can also see from the ingredient list that although xylitol is used instead of white sugar, the content of carbohydrates in the nutrient composition table actually represents the sugar content. So people with diabetes, don't be obsessed with "no sugar", just try it. The main thing is that compared to the same brand of dumplings, the sugar content of the sugar-free dumplings is much higher. So don't think that you can eat more without sugar. Excessive xylitol can also cause diarrhea. In addition to the large amount of oil contained in it, the "slippery" effect is still relatively large, especially those who are prone to diarrhea.

So, how do you eat healthier? We eat 3-4 of the big ones, and we can eat a few more. Maybe it's small, it will make people feel full, then we can match some cereals and other kinds of bread. Due to its high fat content, the side dish is preferably a low-fat dish such as salad or steamed vegetables. Eating with fruit is also a good choice to reduce the feeling of greasy and heartburn. Because it is less sticky, it is best to mix some foods with more fiber, which can help digestion. In addition, the protein it contains is not high, so in addition to vegetables, you can mix some soy products to complement each other.

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