Rotary wine filling machine

Rotary wine filling machine

Equipment Name: Rotary Wine Filling Machine The machine and liquid contact parts are made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure that the liquid is not polluted, and the corrosion resistance, the whole body is beautiful and conforms to food hygiene standards. The bottle size can be adjusted in a wide range and can be easily adjusted. The bottle height can be 60-320 mm. Yu Sheng teaches you how to maintain and maintain the machine: the machine is shipped in the transmission part, the gear box is filled with calcium-based grease, after the use, the oil is removed once a year, the gears, the lifting parts are refueled once every 3-6 months. To prevent wear and corrosion.

Uses: This type of filling machine is suitable for the filling of mineral water, liquor, pesticides, chemical products, food and other non-particulate liquids; it is used for liquid filling of various shaped bottles. The machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to operate and maintenance. Simple and so on.
Technical parameters Production efficiency: 2400 bottles / hour Number of filling heads: 12 heads Filling volume: 150-800ml
Bottle height: 60-320mm
Filling accuracy: ±1%
Motor power: 370W

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