The role of hot metal online analyzer in ductile iron production

The role of hot metal online analyzer in ductile iron production

       In the production of ductile iron, only the carbon equivalent of the original molten iron can be determined quickly and accurately, and the necessary data can be provided for the breeding process. Pre-furnace hot metal composition analyzer , widely used in the field to measure the original molten iron such as gray iron, methane, ductile iron, vermicular iron, low alloy cast iron: carbon equivalent, carbon content, silicon content, pouring temperature TM , liquidus temperature TL , solidus temperature TS .

      Casting company in the production of cast iron, to choose the right chemical composition according to the thickness of the casting and casting conditions, in order to guarantee the achievement of the required mechanical properties. The pre-furnace carbon-silicon analyzer is anti-electromagnetic interference, dust-proof, ultra-thin and portable design, easy to operate, can be operated by non-professionals, and can be connected with other electronic devices. There are a number of test lines, and the appropriate test lines are selected for different grades of molten iron and the actual conditions of each factory's molten iron, making the test more scientific and accurate. When other conditions are the same , carbon equivalent has a decisive influence on the metallurgical structure, casting properties and mechanical properties of the cast iron. Through the improved evaluation method, it can automatically control important metallurgical parameters, meet the quality control requirements of casting production, make up for the "spectrum" difficult to measure the shortage of non-metallic elements ( C , Si ), and the conventional analytical instruments can not meet the furnace Time requirements for fast analysis before.

        In the production of ductile iron, only the carbon equivalent of the original molten iron can be determined quickly and wisely to provide the necessary data for the breeding process.

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