Management of winter tea gardens must take good "four passes"

According to the law of growth and development of tea trees, entering the fall and winter season, the upper part of the tea tree will gradually stop growing and enter the dormancy period. At this time, strengthening the management of winter tea gardens is the key to spring tea production and income increase. Therefore, it is necessary to take the “four channels”. .

One is pruning off

The best time for the winter tea tree to be lightly trimmed is when the autumn tea is harvested, and it begins in early November. When pruning, attention should be paid to the depth and location. In order to retain the stems, the green stems should be cut to a degree of about 3 to 4 centimeters. In the spring and summer period, the small green piles and leaves after autumn harvest should be cut.

The second is Qingyuanguan

It can be started at the end of the trimming work, mainly for pests and diseases. The specific measures are: the roots of tea trees, sheath blight and tea cake disease are removed and burned in a timely manner; the old leaves and branches of tea trees are scrutinized once and found, and eggs, worms and insects are found. The branches and branches of the clams are removed in time and the burns are concentrated. After the clear garden spray lime sulfur agent.

The third is shovel management

In the middle and late November, the work of weeding and weeding was completed. The weeds and branches of the tea tree were deep-buried and the depth of cultivation was 10 to 15 cm. Shallow ploughing was performed inside the canopy, deep plowing was performed outside the canopy, and the soil was shucked.

The fourth is to apply the base fertilizer

Mainly to increase farm fertilizer, earth fertilizer, compost and other organic fertilizers. Fertilization must be carried out in time after weeding and weeding, that is, in mid-December. Apply 200 kg of livestock and poultry excrement per acre, add 50 kg of dried oil, and mix 50 kg of calcium-US phosphate fertilizer for fermentation. During the fertilization, the drip line along the edge of the tea awning was deep-grooveed, and then the soil was covered.

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