Two mistakes in winter tonic

Two mistakes in winter tonic The cold wind has picked up and winter tonic has become a hot topic for ordinary people. Recently, Miss Wang of Fuzhou made a special trip to buy donkey-hide gelatin, who knows what to eat, eats mouth ulcers, and also has nosebleeds. In this regard, Lin Guoqing, the chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Provincial People's Hospital, said that winter supplements are being said every year. However, every year people blindly seek "make up" and make up for trouble.

Many people do not understand how to make up for winter supplements?

Recently, Ms. Wang called the newspaper “Yan Ping” to tell her that she and her colleagues had recently purchased E-Jiao together and wanted to make up for it when they entered the winter. As a result, after eating for more than a week, the others were all right, and Miss Wang had mouth ulcers and nosebleeds. Ms. Wang wondered if she had eaten gelatin and had problems.

In recent days, the reporter learned from a number of chain pharmacies in Fuzhou, directed at the folklore of “Winter tonic, spring tigers”, many people want to make up for themselves, and some people have indeed begun to purchase tonic Chinese medicine, including Ejiao. Very popular. The reporter randomly asked several customers. Whether or not they consulted a professional Chinese medicine doctor, many people believed that the supplement was in fact the conditioning of their own body. There was no need to consult a doctor.

Lin Guoqing said that many patients in clinics do not know how to make up, and there are many cases of "chaotic supplementation" and "mandatory compensation." In the outpatient clinic, patients will be asked to open up Liuwei Dihuang Wan for kidney every one or two days, but some patients are actually not suitable for eating. For example, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is suitable for patients with red tongue, less furrows, and pulse breakdown (refers to the patient's pulse becoming narrower and thinner and increasing in rate). The thick, creamy tongue is generally not suitable for people who have moisture in their bodies.

So, what needs to be supplemented under what circumstances? According to reports, tonic is tonic, cold winter weather, the general replenishment is the body's yang. If there are symptoms such as fatigue, palpitation, palpitation, sweating, backache, cold legs, hand, foot, and urine (the number of urination and the amount of each urine increase), it is the performance of Yang deficiency. It may be caused by deficiency of kidney yang, or it may be due to lack of spleen yang. It may also be due to lack of lung qi, such as chronic coughing, pale sputum, pale sputum, etc.

Chinese medicine also believes that there are evil habits in the body that are not suitable for filling, such as the body has wet evil, spleen and stomach dampness, and some old diseases are not conditioning, relapse and other conditions. If there is evil in the body, eating too greasy, the evil will stay in the body for a long time, and sometimes it will increase the condition of the original disease.

Lin Guoqing reminded that only if there is no evil or less evil in the body can it be properly supplemented. In addition, winter tonics are best under the guidance of Chinese medicine practitioners, according to the individual's condition and physical characteristics to choose tonic drugs and methods.

Did you miss the two winter topping mistakes?

Misunderstanding 1

The more expensive, the better

Some people think that the more expensive the better, specializing in ginseng, velvet, bird's nest, Cordyceps sinensis to make up. In fact, Lin Guoqing said that the more expensive things are, the more they will make up. Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, natural fish eggs are a good choice. All foods are converted into three substances in the body: carbohydrates, amino acids, and fats.

In addition, many young white-collar workers tonic the way is to swallow a lot of "pills" every day, such as vitamin chewable tablets and vegetable extracts and other health foods.

Lin Guoqing said that simply relying on these refined "pills" and "pills" to supplement nutrition will disrupt the balance of the human body. In fact, the organs of the human body are not particularly precise, but they are still relatively crude, but there is a good thing that can translate what they eat into what the body needs. Too fine food does not mean that it is good.

“Autumn winds start to fall and autumn quilts are affixed.” Many are customary in the North. Now, some people in Fuzhou have started to eat large amounts of meat and tonics according to this custom. Lin Guoqing said that animal foods such as beef, lamb, and dog meat do have a high nutritional value. Fuzhou does not have the custom of “sticking autumn crickets”. At the same time, according to the current standard of living, most people have excess nutrients, and blindly “sticking autumn crickets” is also very inappropriate.

The light diet is not unsatisfactory. For example, many centenarians living in Changshou Village are known to drink spring water and eat their own kinds of rice and vegetables. The clear and light meal can provide healthy longevity.

Misunderstanding 2

More and more

Many people feel tired physically and mentally because of the pressure of life and work, and they want to adjust the sub-health state through supplements. Others believe that "eat more tonics, treat illnesses and cure illnesses and strengthen the body," and the whole family supplements in the same way.

Lin Guoqing said that ordinary people in society now feel that the pressure is very high, which has produced a series of negative emotions, which will lead to biased physique. For example, people with high pressure have a higher incidence of gastric ulcers and diseases of the digestive system. This is the so-called physical and mental illness. Therefore, sub-healthy people should not make up for it.

What is supplement? Lin Guoqing said that for people with physical fitness called supplements and individualized tonics, everyone should be based on each individual's specific conditions tonic.

For example, people in Fuzhou like to add roots and vines of some herbs to soups in meats, such as "seven-leaf root". Add some herbal roots or vines to the trotters. Such folk unilaterals are mainly used to dispel wind-chilling and relieve pain. In the past, people used to work in the fields. After they suffered cold on their feet, they were afraid of cold. However, it is not suitable for people in the current office. Some people eat herbs tonic, even the heartbroken grass are eaten, almost every year in the emergency department encountered similar cases.

Although many herbs are basically homologous, most of them have no problem, but these herbs are partial warm, some people with hot body will cause stagnation, abdominal distention, dry mouth, mouth Bitter, bad breath, ulcers, sweating, etc.

Lin Guoqing reminded that the current spectrum of diseases is changing, and the living environment is changing. Traditional methods of replenishing are not necessarily suitable for the present and they need to be critically inherited. For healthy health, he personally advocates light diet, reasonable rest, emotional stability, and not blindly tonic.

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