Watermelon Fire Breeding Seedling 4 points

Watermelon fireweed nursery has the characteristics of rapid temperature rise, uniform temperature, low cost and easy operation. It can cultivate robust watermelon seedlings at very low temperatures from January to February. Its seedling raising effect is similar to electric hotbed nursery. Specific to the following points:

First, build a seedbed to dig a bed with a length of 4.5 meters and a width of 1.6 meters in the north and south, and a depth of 20 centimeters in the north and south. At the same time, dig a fire pit that is 1.3 meters long from north to south and 1 meter wide and 1.5 meters deep at the end of the pond. Then, dig a 40-cm wide ditch around the bottom of the bed pool. The depth of one end of the fire pit is 40 centimeters deep and 20 centimeters away from the end of the fire pit. The two north and south ditches form a natural slope. Cut the middle soil into a pit that is 5 cm deeper than the original pool bottom at the end of the fire pit, and the other end is inclined to the bottom of the excavated trench. Dig a small ditch with a depth of 16 cm and a width of 16 cm in the middle of the bottom of the fire pit to warm the fire, dig it along the sides of the north and south sides and dig it to the other end. Then turn to the center and turn it back along the central slope. At the end of the mouth. On the wall on the side of the nursery bed in the burning fire pit, facing the center of the pond, dig an arched hole with a round top, 60 centimeters high, 45 centimeters wide, and 20 centimeters deep. Above the hole, dig a 13-cm-diameter fire pit in the direction of the fire pit at the top of the pond, so that it communicates with the fire pit inside the pool and build a stove in the hole. Cover the fire path in the bed pool with tiles or other items to prevent leakage of fire, fill the earth and restore the original bed bottom height. The middle two fire paths should extend beyond the bed at the end of the fire pit and communicate with the chimney on the bed wall. Finally, a wall was built around the bed pool. The north wall is 40 centimeters high, and the south end is 10 centimeters high. The east and the west ends are sloped walls.

Second, before the preparation of the seedbed before the construction of the seedbed, the discharge of nutrients in the seedbed or filled with nutritious soil for block seedlings. The nutrient soil was screened with half of the field soil and half of the decomposed circle fertilizer. Add 0.5 kg urea (or diammonium phosphate) to each cubic meter of nutrient soil. Mix it and fill it into the seedbed. The thickness is 10 cm. 3 days before sowing, sow the seedbed with warm water. When the water is soaked and the bed soil is not very viscous, block the area and divide it into 10 cm square “sands”, fill in the gap with fine sand, and then on the surface of the seedbed. Cover the film, heat and heat.

Third, timely planting sowing time should be based on the cultivation methods and the required seedling age specific control. General pre-mature watermelon was sown in mid-February. Seed soaking and germination before sowing. When the seedbed temperature rises to 16°C in 5 centimeters, the treated seed can be seeded into the soil or nutrient bowl before and after noon on the sunny day. After sowing, it covers 1 cm thick soil. At the same time cover the film, seal, cover the grass at night to keep warm and cold.

Fourth, heating management After sowing, the seedbed temperature is maintained at about 30 °C. When most of the seedlings emerged, the seedbed temperature was maintained at 20-25°C during the day and 15-20°C during the night. After the seedlings were broken, the seedbed temperature was maintained at 22-28°C during the day and 15-20°C during the night. Grasshoppers need to cover the cover early and increase the light. When the true leaves of the seedlings appear, if bed soil is found to be too dry, warm water at a temperature of 30°C may be poured at noon on sunny days, and immediately after watering, the membranes are covered. If no fertilizer is found, 2% urea solution can be sprayed on the leaves.

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