Self-matched livestock feed attention

In accordance with local conditions, we must make full use of local natural resources to provide feed, and strive to use local raw materials with high nutritional value, easy sources, and low prices. 1 energy feed, such as corn, wheat, etc.; 2 protein feed, such as fish meal, bean cake, peanut cake, etc.; 3 mineral feed, such as shell powder, bone meal, stone powder, etc.; 4 salt, bran, bran, etc. Understand the nutrient content of raw materials to select or calculate the best formula for livestock. The proportion of various types of feed in the compound feed of pigs and chickens is approximately: 50% to 60% for energy feed; 12% to 15% for protein feed; 1% to 5% for mineral feed; 0.3% for salt 0.5%; bran feeds account for 15% to 30%; vitamins and trace elements account for 0.1% to 0.3%. Crush processing, scientific collocation, pay attention to palatability. Some toxic feeds, such as rapeseed cake, must be detoxified and reused. The usual methods of detoxification include high-temperature cooking, charcoal-water immersion, soil-buried and chemical methods. The amount of toxic feed should not exceed 10% to 15%. In addition, trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids should be thoroughly mixed with the feed. When the livestock and poultry feed is used, it should not be too much at one time, and it should be used for a maximum of 30 days; in the summer, it should be less, and the feed must not be rotted and deteriorated. If the conditions are good in the winter, 50 days of feed can be prepared. The feed house should be cleaned, diligently disinfected, diligently checked, and diligently turned over. The feedhouse should be air and light, dry and sanitary, no pollution, no mosquitoes, and no rodent damage. The formula of the diet should be stable. After selecting the feed formula, it cannot be replaced arbitrarily. If it needs to be replaced, it must be gradually transformed to adapt the livestock and poultry.

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