Winter small tractor to adjust oil specifications

Lubricant selection: Lubricants used in tractors include diesel and gear oils. Ordinary diesel engine oils are classified into four grades: No.20, No.30, No.40 and No.50. Diesel engines generally use No.20 diesel engine oil in winter and No.40 diesel engine oil in summer. The gear oil has a high viscosity and is suitable for the lubrication of tractor gearboxes and gears. Commonly used tractor gear oils are HL-20 (20), HL-30 (30) two brands. Among them, "H" stands for lubricating oil and "L" stands for gear, which is represented by the first letter of the Chinese Pinyin for "slide" and "round." Tractor gear oil should be selected according to the ambient temperature. The general requirement for the freezing point of gear oil is 6~10°C lower than the use environment. The tractor user is reminded here that it is forbidden to use oil instead of gear oil, or to mix diesel oil and kerosene in the gear oil so as not to lower its viscosity, weaken the lubrication performance, and accelerate gear wear. When replacing the oil, clean the oil filter, the filter, and the oil pan thoroughly to remove dirt and impurities.

The selection of diesel (fuel): The correct choice of diesel should be used according to the local temperature. There are six types of common light diesel oil: +20, +10, 0, -10, -20, and -35. The number indicates the freezing point. For example, +10 indicates that the freezing point of diesel is 10°C, and 0 indicates that the freezing point of diesel is -10°C. When a diesel engine is selected for a diesel engine, its freezing point should be 5 to 10°C lower than the local temperature. For example, when the minimum temperature in winter is between 0 and -5°C, choose -10 diesel; the lowest temperature is -10 to -15°C, choose -20 diesel, if there is no 20 light diesel, use 10 and 35 light diesel Mixed use effect is also good. The minimum temperature is not lower than -30°C, choose -35 diesel; the lowest temperature in the high-cold area around -40°C, choose -50 diesel.

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