Pollution-free high quality fruit fertilization technology

First, do not over-fertilize. Because of excessive fertilization, the trees are prone to lengthy and the quality of the fruit is reduced. Therefore, we must cultivate the golden mean tree. When the tree vigor is debilitating, it is necessary to timely supplement the fertilizer, and it is best to calculate the fertilizer requirement according to the output index.
Second, nitrogenous fertilizers cannot be applied, requiring the cooperation of various elements. In particular, those fruit trees that require more potassium, should pay attention to increasing potash fertilizer. Yangmei is a fruit tree that avoids phosphorus, and should pay attention to less or no application of phosphate fertilizer. And we must pay attention to the supply of trace elements, so as not to produce a deficiency.
Third, we must not only apply inorganic fertilizers, and require more organic fertilizers, organic compound fertilizers, microbial fertilizers, and humic acid fertilizers. At present, farm organic fertilizers include: manure, manure, compost, cake fertilizer, green manure, biogas fertilizer, and crop manure. The organic compound fertilizers sold in the domestic market include: Ames biological fertilizer, Qixing organic organic compound fertilizer, “Zhongci” brand organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, super biological organic fertilizer, oasis plant nutrient solution, and Zhengfeng ecological organic fertilizer. Microbial fertilizers include rhizobia, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorus bacteria, and silicate bacteria. Microbial fertilizers sold in the market include: high fertility. Xi Shi Feng, efficient organic fertilizer and so on. Humic acid or nucleic acid nutrient fertilizers include: Gaomeishi and Kaitling. Some of the above fertilizers have many problems in terms of quality and use technology; however, selective use of basal, topdressing or extra-root fertilizers is effective.

    This classification summarizes the Spirulina Tablets produced by our own factory in northwestern of China .     

    We have advanced equipment and strict quality control system to ensure the quality and production.

    Spirulina Tablets Food Grade

    The products under the classification are:

    1. Spirulina Tablets .

    Various parameter specifications of our product:

    Naturland Certified ; CERES certified .
    EU & NOP standard ; Kosher & Halal Available .
    Low heavy metals & Micro Contents , Low & Stable PAH4 Level , 
    PAH4 value is less than 10 ppb .Low microorganismsNon-Irradiation , 
    Non GMO , Gluten Free , Allergen Free , Pesticides Free .
    Own Factory :  Manufacture in northwest of China . Legitimacy , Regularity , Cultural .
    Own Lab : Quality control and Product development . Strictly , Creativity , Responsibility .

    YIJIAN Company

    About Company
    Yanchi County Yijian Biotechnol Co.,Ltd
    was founded in Dec 2012 , 
    by Mr. Dezhi Zhang , 
    the legal representative of the company . 
    Company registered capital is 10 million RMB . 
    The main business sectors are culture , processing , internal sales , import and export trade of Organic Spirulina and Organic Chlorella products . 
    Yijian is known globally as one of the major suppliers of microalgae products across the world . 
    Annual production rate is 600 Mt . 
    Average annual sales income is around 5 million dollar .

Spirulina Tablets

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