The successful development of the United States citrus genome series chip

Scientists from the Department of Plant and Cultivation Sciences at the California Riverbed University have announced that they have developed a citrus genome series chip. By helping to stop the gene, the chip can enter the genes related to taste, acidity, and disease in citrus and improve the fruit in a targeted way.
Researchers from the Department of Plant and Cultivated Sciences at the California Riverbed University said that the Citrus Genomics GeneChip can help identify genes related to e-characteristics. All issues that affect consumption, such as pleasant taste and flavor, can be performed with The purpose of the amendment. According to reports, the citrus family includes about 16 species and hundreds of distant relatives, such as pomelo, tangerine, and kumquat. Food and beverage companies are seeking to develop and are currently trying to achieve new benefits by increasing the flavor and health functions of citrus products.
The Citrus Genome Series will be used to develop new diagnostic tools for the improvement of citrus horticulture, the treatment of pre-fruits, and the pathogenesis of citrus diseases. The Citrus Genome Series will also study properties associated with citrus processing such as peelability, seedlessness, flavor composition, pest and disease control, nutritional characteristics, and recycling.
Citrus genome gene chip products manufactured by Affymetrix are artificial glass wafers. Glass wafers are produced in a manner similar to the production of computer chips, on which there are almost 1 million different citrus DNA fragments. The first commercially available citrus microarray chip can break down about 20,000 different genes. It is reported that the citrus genome genome chip will be used to develop detailed citrus genetic maps, which will be used for more effective new species development.

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