Swallow crab breeding techniques

Swallow crab breeding techniques

A. Swimming crab pond requirements

In Liaoning Province, the old shrimp ponds with sediment as the bottom can be used for the cultivation of swimming crabs. It is required that there be ring grooves around the ponds, and there should be no concealed objects such as tiles or asbestos, and the pond area should be 5-15 mu.

Second, crab seedlings

1. Disinfect the ponds before releasing the seedlings. Before dewatering, the old ponds, especially ponds with more silt, should be dredged and disinfected. The quicklime, bromochlorohydantoin, dibromohydantoin, or strong chlorine can be used for disinfection. Harmful organisms such as Qing Tong Ning can be disinfected.

2, do a good job of storage and fertilization

One kilogram of chemical fertilizer is applied per mu, or fertilizer and water are used to make the basic bait reach a certain density, and the water transparency is maintained at 30-40 cm. After fertilizing the water quality, the weather is sunny and sunny.

3, seedling size and density

The first or second stage of crab breeding can be stocked, put 1000-2000 per acre, the survival rate of up to 30-40%.


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