Drowning pigs have a high incidence of pigs

"Shuishui Pig" refers to pigs fed by restaurant-kitchen garbage generated in restaurants, hotels, restaurants, and canteens. As these kitchen leftovers and garbage are not harmlessly treated, they are directly collected and fed to pigs, which has become an important hidden danger in spreading diseases. From the results of the quarantine and inspection of slaughtering, the pigs fed with drowning had significantly less meat quality than pigs fed regular food. According to relevant data, the incidence of pigs fed with drowning was 30% to 50% higher than that of normal pigs. "Shushui pig" is not only easy to cause more than 10 kinds of infectious diseases such as Salmonella, E. coli, etc., but also causes the occurrence of various zoonosis diseases due to parasitism of pathogens in pigs. Pig farmers who feed pigs with muddy water are generally free-living households living in the surrounding areas of cities and towns. Most of them do not have animal epidemic prevention conditions. Once pathogenic microorganisms contained in muddy waters invade, they can cause disease; these sick pigs then pass illegal pigs. The acquisition and sale of vendors can easily lead to the spread of animal diseases. In addition, due to the poor meat quality of the “Shuishui Pig”, operators can only enter illegal markets and some small restaurants, cafeterias, and construction canteens through illegal channels. As a result of evading the supervision of animal quarantine, it may lead to pork with pathogens. Human consumption affects human health. Therefore, from the perspective of ensuring food safety and safeguarding human health, the issue of “Shuishui Pig” must not be overlooked. Of course, putting an end to the "Shuishui Pig" does not simply throw all the drowning water into the sewer, and doing so will also cause pollution and waste. The correct method is to carry out harmless treatment of drowning water and find a good way for food waste. It is understood that food waste can be used as a high-quality organic fertilizer after being harmlessly treated. This will not only solve the problem of "water pigs", but also the need to develop a recycling economy. However, as far as the whole country is concerned, the current treatment rate of food waste is still very low. Therefore, a great deal of education guidance and normative management work still needs to be done in this area. It is reported that in order to strengthen the harmless treatment of food waste, and thoroughly solve the problem of “sucking pigs”, many cities across the country have stepped up the construction of harmless treatment infrastructure for food and kitchen waste, and also aim at the collection of food waste. Relevant regulations have been issued for transportation, processing and recycling. For instance, the “Administrative Measures for Restaurant Waste Management in Shanghai” clearly stipulates that anyone who feeds pigs directly from restaurant leftovers will be fined up to RMB 30,000; they will be arbitrarily engaged in the collection, transportation and disposal of restaurant-kitchen garbage and use the food waste as livestock and poultry. If feeds are provided to units or individuals other than the provisions for collection, transportation or disposal, they shall be ordered to make correction within a time limit, and fines ranging from 3,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan may be imposed. At the same time, catering operators are required to pay restaurant and garbage disposal fees in order to ensure the construction and normal operation of the kitchen garbage innocuous treatment infrastructure. These methods have a certain reference for us.

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