Special apple tree pruning method

When the tree vigor is excessively prosperous, the branch growth will predominate, which will result in poor flower bud differentiation and nutrition, which is not conducive to the formation of flower buds. When reconstructing such branches, it should mainly be “temporarily”, extend the length of the branches, generally cut at the weak shoots, increase the branch angle of the main branches, eliminate the branches on the back, leave the lower branch groups, and cut the branches dryly. , Control nutrient delivery to promote flowering. Pruning of weak trees When the tree grows too weak, it can be re-stimulated to prosper. Extension branches should be cut in the middle full of buds, with strong branches to take the lead, and gradually increase the length of the extension, leaving less branches to avoid weakening the growth of the branches, should stay on the back and both sides of the branches to promote growth. When pruning fruit trees on one side of a pruned crown tree are large on one side and a crown appears on one side, one is to dig the branches at the lower part of the branches, and sparsely blossom at the upper part of the branches; the other is to pull the angle of the big branches to raise the angle of the branchlets; Leave more fruits, twigs less fruit; Fourth, the direction of the big branches should be less fertilization, fertilization in the direction of the twigs, is strictly prohibited to transform the tree with a large cut method. Treatment of Bare Branches When there are branches in the apple tree that have not been cut for several years, they often extend uniaxially. Very few branches are formed, and large sections of baldness are formed. Due to the limited nutritional area, fruit growth and development are poor. When pruning such shoots, if there is room for them to perform ring cutting to stimulate sprouting, in order to grow the desired shoots; it can also promptly retract and stimulate the hair branches and cultivate good branches to expand the area of ​​photosynthesis. If there is no space, remove it immediately to improve the ventilation and light conditions of the tree. When pruning the upper and lower weak trees, the lower branches of the canopy can be extended with competitive branches, extending the branches to maintain a small angle and promoting the growth of the lower branches. The middle and upper branches increase the extension angle, and they choose to leave the lower branches as extension branches to balance the tree potential. On the weak weak branch treatment of the lower branch of the big angle extension, behind the branches to take the lead, weakening the growth potential; the upper branch of a small angle extension, the back of the branch take the lead, and promote growth. The flowering of the apple tree in the early stage of the pruning sapling and fruiting should be carried out with weak branches to control the growth of the tree body in order to increase the nutrient accumulation of the tree body and promote flowering. The cross-branches of the cross-branched branches are retracted one at a time and one long at a cross-branch. When both cross-lines are crossed, both lines should be retracted so as to leave the work path and improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions. Treatment of Parallel Branches Parallel branches should be used as much as possible to increase the amount of branches in the tree. The apple trees entering the full fruit period should be sparsely populated and placed in the absence of space to improve the air and light conditions of the tree. Treatment of auxiliary branches in the early period of growth of fruit trees should be promoted by pulling and pressing the auxiliary branches to increase the amount of tree results. The result should be immediately retracted. To avoid the baldness of the rear, thus cultivating the sticks into compact groups.

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