How to look at fish farming

Observing the color of the water and measuring the transparency of the pool water are convenient and effective methods for judging the quality of pool water in the production of fish, and the methods for scientific breeding. Observe the color of the pool of water due to different types and quantities of plankton and bacteria in the water. The pool water is pale and white, indicating that there are many plankton in the water, and it appears more quickly after the application of organic fertilizers. It is suitable for the fry under the pond. The pool water is green, indicating that there are more floating plants in the water and it is appropriate for the growth of the carp. The water in the surface pool is yellowish white, indicating that there is lack of oxygen in the water. It should be promptly taken to improve aerators, splash lime water and other measures to improve; pool water is brown, indicating that the pool water is high in organic matter and is not conducive to fish growth. New water should be added in time. To prevent water quality from aging. Pool water is yellow-green, the most suitable for fish farming. The main oysters, oysters and other filter-feeding fish, the water can be deeper, the transparency of about 25 cm; the main oysters, oysters, etc. to eat fish, require a little clear water, the water slightly lighter. The degree of transparency of the transparent pool water should be determined according to the surrounding environment of the pond, the mode of cultivation, the type of aquaculture, the breeding techniques, and the seasonal and geographical differences. The transparency of general pond water should be controlled at 25-30 cm. In early spring, the water temperature is low, and the transparency should be about 30 cm in order to enhance the light and quickly increase the water temperature. From May to September, the temperature gradually increased, the pool water should gradually deepen, the transparency can be maintained at about 25 cm, in order to facilitate alternate plankton.

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