Green pepper preservation method

The preservation of green peppers is good, with medium and late-maturing varieties being preferred. Before storage, the picked green peppers should be dried in a dry house for 2 to 4 days. The storage method is as follows. 1, bagging method. Use a plastic bag 25-30 cm wide and 40-50 cm long to pierce the vents in the lower middle of the bag. Load green peppers, tie them tightly, place them in an empty house of 8 to 10°C, and store them for 1 to 2 months. If there is too much water in the bag, open the bag once a week to ventilate it once and pick out the bad pepper. 2, cylinder method. For small and medium-sized cylinders, the cylinders are sterilized with 1% bleach and then dried. The green pepper handles are then turned upwards and the layers are placed in the cylinders. The film was opened every 1 week for half an hour. The jar of pepper is placed in the room of 8 to 10°C, and when the weather is cold, it is frost-proof. 3, the ditch method. Dig wide at the shady site from 0.7m to 1m, with a depth of 1m to 1.5m. Spread 4cm of fine sand at the bottom of the trench, a layer of green pepper and a layer of sand, row 5 to 6 layers, and the uppermost layer is 35cm above the ground. After the harvest, the green peppers were spread in a dry house. After 3 days, the top cover film was moisturized, and after a little snow, peppers were selected into the ditch. Pre-day warmth is slightly covered, and straw is covered with cold in the later period, keeping the temperature at 7-10°C. The film was covered with rain and snow and checked once a month. It can be stored before and after the Spring Festival. 4, buried method. It can be divided into sand burial, ash burial and burying, indoor and outdoor. Outdoor sand burial: In the shaded area on the north side of the wall, use bricks to build a trough, lay a layer of damp thick sandy soil on the bottom of the trough, put 1 to 2 layers of green pepper (handle upward), and cover 3 cm thick sand on the green pepper. Put 1 to 2 green peppers on the sand. So you can put 4 to 5 layers of pepper. The top cover is 13 cm thick sand. When the temperature drops, stamp grass. Ash burying: Using grass ash instead of sand, put 7 cm thick grass ash at the bottom of the basket, and then lay a layer of green pepper ash one by one. The green peppers are separated by ash. The top layer is sealed with 7 cm thick ash and put in the indoor cool place. Burial burial: Use gluten or rice husk to store sharp peppers. The method should be buried in ash. 5, cellar method. The pepper basket was sterilized with 0.5% bleach, dried and then filled with green peppers and poured into the pit. A total of 3 to 4 floors. Ventilation is used to adjust the cellar temperature, keep the temperature at 7 ~ 10 °C, relative humidity 90%, remove the bad pepper in time.

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